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Random photo of me:

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No, my problem is the children themselves. They may be cute, but they are here to replace us. Need proof? Ever catch one walking around in your shoes? That's a chilling moment, like finding an empty body snatcher pod in the basement.

"But children are our future!" Yes, but does that not also mean that we are their past? I don't understand why we're helping them. You don't see union factory workers throwing a benefit for robots.

-Stephen Colbert, I Am America (And So Can You!)

It's not actually quote day, but I was amused anyway.
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So, today is Cool Website Day.

I figured I'd point out this site I really love, Rare Bird Finds. Basically, the person who runs this site just finds some of the coolest things for sale around the internet and points them out to everyone, haha. A lot of it is women's accessories, but there are other random things thrown in there.

Unfortunately, a lot of it is expensive, too. :/ But I love looking.
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Got a new layout, thanks to [ profile] thefulcrum, and it's rather awesome. :D

I'm happy with it, anyway.

"Let us go then, you and I, when the evening is spread out against the sky, like a patient etherized upon a table;"
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It's the 12th, and I'm already bored with Blog 365. Is anyone surprised?
Anyway, it's comic strip day, so:

One of my favorite single strips EVER, seriously. :) But all of this persons stuff is good, so check out XKCD!
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1. GIP! I love [ profile] barbed_whispers a lot for this icon.

2. It's photo day here in the land of Ashley's LJ!
So I bring to you a photo of my new stereo, which was a last Christmas gift from my dad, and which I love a lot:

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It's Random Writing Day! And I'm going to share fic with you that the majority of my friends list can't read... hahaha.

ETA: The cover of Gale Force is out, and I am excited. :D

Title: you lean into me 'cause you know that you can
Fandom: Weather Warden [spoilers through Thin Air!!]
Rating: PG
Pairing: Lewis/Jo kinda, and it mentions David/Jo
Beta: It was beta'd briefly by barbed_whispers for me, because she is awesome. sometimes.

i trust you with my words like you're my friend )
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I kind of love Threadless more than is healthy? I have a lot of shirts from them currently. Honestly, it's almost pathetic. But if you click that link and like anything and buy it, I get points towards getting MORE shirts. :D!

Not-so-happy news? I had to deal with an irate (really, really, really irate) customer last night who yelled at me and is threatening to try and get me fired. The funny thing, to me, is that he's mad because he was trying to scam the clinic and we basically called him on it. Way to go, moron!
The good news is that my boss already knows about it and is on my side, but it still didn't make for a happy closing shift last night. :/ stupid fucker.
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Because [ profile] barbed_whispers yelled at me last night for not watching what she wanted me to watch, and because I'm almost out of Power Rangers episodes anyway (>.> shut up, IT'S MY CHILDHOOD, OKAY?!) and finally because today is poll day, I figured I'd poll about what I should be watching next:

[Poll #1117047]
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So, despite the overwhelming leaning of the poll towards FX, I've decided to go to Las Vegas with my parents for the tournament.
I actually did call them last night to tell them that I wasn't going... and just had this gut feeling of regret as soon as I'd done it. I feel good about the decision to call and say I'd like to go after all -- and I'm very glad the invitation was still open. :) So I think this is a good sign.

In other news, it's Free Music Fridays! (>.> Don't look at me, [ profile] barbed_whispers! haha)
Anyway, I decided to upload two Ingrid Michaelson songs today, partially for the benefit of [ profile] katilara (who I apologize to, because I won't be at that concert after all, heh):

Ingrid Michaelson - Masochist
Ingrid Michaelson - Far Away

If you like her, I definitely encourage buying her CD!
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Okay. This isn't poll day, but I'm going to poll anyway, for it is VERY IMPORTANT.
I have two options for the last weekend in January: FX or Las Vegas.
The biggest pro for FX is that NATHAN FILLION IS GOING TO BE THERE. Which is just... I can't even.
The biggest pro for Las Vegas is that it would be totally and completely free for me.
The biggest CON for Las Vegas is that it would mean missing Ingrid's concert... which I already have a ticket to, and which is going to rock beyond the point of comprehension. AND Pin Trading Night, for that matter.
Also, even though I COULD go to Las Vegas again with the 'rents, this is pretty much my only possibility that I know of to go and participate in a Slot Tournament... (FOR FREE!)

And yet, still, I need a poll. I can't decide things for myself.

[Poll #1115056]
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Well. Today is my random writing and/or icon day.
So. Against my somewhat better judgement, I think I'm going to post this fic that I've had sitting on my harddrive for... a long time.

Title: The Survivor (thank you to [ profile] theemdash for the title!)
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating: PG, I guess.
Pairing: It's vaguely Remus/Sirius, but mostly it's more like a Remus gen.
Beta: It was beta'd briefly by [ profile] barbed_whispers for me, because she is awesome. sometimes.

Most people think that living -- the actual physical act of living -- is easy. )
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The plan to drink every drop of liquor in our apartment? Yeah, that didn't work so well.

The plan to get really drunk? That did... although we started a little early, but oh well. I am never, ever going back and listening to those voice posts. That could only end in badness.

Plus, now we have liquor left for our "Everyone Screw Up Your Resolutions Party!" next week. :D (This works, since [ profile] barbed_whispers and I decided that our resolution was to give up liquor. Oh, and soda. YEAH.)

Anyway, thanks to [ profile] barbed_whispers and [ profile] imthelobster for a pretty fun night, overall. :)

Also, I think I am attempting this Blog 365 thing. I made a profile here, even though it's doubtful I'll use it, since I do all my posting here and such.

Based on the top answeres in my poll, this is what I've decided:

Monday: Poll Day
Tuesday: Fun Website Day
Wednesday: Random Writing Day and/or Icon Day
Thursday: Photo Day
Friday: Free Music Day
Saturday: Comic Strip Day
Sunday: Quote Day

I cut out the random things about my day, because I think I've decided that these themes will only be for if I don't have anything to post about. So like... inspiration, or something. heh. Or whatever works. Anyway, we'll see how long it lasts.
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It's the 31st.

I have to decide if I'm doing Blog 365 or not. AND I STILL DON'T KNOW.

Which should probably tell me something right there, huh?

However, [ profile] photoblog52 is up and going to be running, which is exciting. I need to start carrying my camera around. :)

(If you're interested in doing [ profile] photoblog52, hop on over there and let [ profile] dragonbetween know, since there are still slots available, and we're going to have a blast with it. :D )
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If I did decide to do Blog 365 on my journal... and I'm not saying that I AM, but if I DID... I would do it by each day of the week having themes.
And I was just wondering peoples opinions on potential theme days.

Please pick seven or less, since there's only seven days in a week. :D

[Poll #1112614]

::runs off::
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Holy shit.

Blog 365.

Are people out of their minds?

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