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The internet. . . it is dead.

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I am at work.

I am insanely bored.

I would not be opposed to entertainment and/or fun links. :D
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I always feel like I have things to say, but then when I open this window up I like... lose my thoughts, or something. hm.

I'm liking Heroes more than before, but I'm still not totally in love with it. blah.
I'm also feeling slightly weird about VMars this season. Of course it's VMARS and I still love it, but still.
I LOVE AVATAR. Seriously. One of the best. shows. EVAR.

ummm. yeah. Work and school are good? yay?

(clearly, I am very bored.)

ALSO. [ profile] raven_annabelle you're awesome and THANK YOU and awww. ♥
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So, I decided on a whim to do this, because my lists have been changing on me as of late, sooo there's no reason not to!

Top Ten Lists of... different sorts of things. I'm separating it into 1-5 and 6-10, where 1-5 are definitely my TOP FIVE, and then the other five, but not in any sort of order within those two groups. ORR, it might just be a top five in some cases. WHO KNOWS?!

Hopefully that makes sense, but if it doesn't... oh well, this is for me, anyway. :D

Top Ten Fannish Lists! )

I feel like I'm just outright forgetting certain characters. :(

And those lists kind of make not a lot of sense, BUT I CARE NOT, so there.

Ummm. If you want explanations on any of them, I can do that! Oorrrr, if you want a Top Five of anything else, let me know and that's cool, too, I can do that!

::shuffles awayyy::
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I am really SUPER FREAKIN' HYPER, and there is not a lot of people online, and so I am going to MAKE AN ENTRY, because you know, I am amazingly cool like that.

SO. Since I am bored, I think I should do a meme-type-thing. Reply here and tell me a story! Real, completely made up, funny or serious... I care not.


Why, yes, this is a meme completely meant to entertain me, but HEY! It could be fun!
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Where's [ profile] barbed_whispers when you need her, anyway?

So, my tamagotchi (yes, I bought one, stfu) was in a bad mood or something? And then beeped at me like it needed something. Except it didn't need anything! So I gave it a time out.


I don't know about you, but time outs never put ME in a good mood. Strange computerized creature...

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