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New band idea to be signed by Pete Wentz: Ron, Neal, and Simon!
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Just be glad I spared you the black and yellow font color. It was very tempting.
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I AM GOING INSANE!!! vdjksnvjkdnjbndfk

FIRST OF ALL. [ profile] imthelobster is living in Orlando now. like. WHUT?! yeaaaaaaah.

[ profile] butterflyvision and [ profile] frelianprincess are fucking insane. And... enablers. Like... whooooa.
This is occassionally a good thing, though. :DDD

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So, Wizard Rock was awesome. Also, one of the guys (the bass player, I believe) was so ridiculously cute. And that makes me feel like a perv, because I'm pretty sure he was like 16 or something. ::dies:: (Alas, I can't find a picture of him. Boooo!)

But it was definitely fun. Especially messing with [ profile] theemdash all night. hehehe. What? I'm totally nice to my friends.
That, and the other best part was standing in the back with Lisa and writing Sirius/Whomping Willow fic in our brains. It totally works, you guys.

Anyway, total geeky fun, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

In other news, today is my only day off of work this week and thank god it is. I totally need it. So hopefully when I go back tomorrow I won't be wanting to kill people or anything. It's just so busy in there, because of Back to School, and that seems to equal everyone being even more moronic than usual. I didn't know that was even possible. Well, I guess I did, but I didn't want to believe it. D:

Pin event soon. I'm getting excited. :D :D
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This is very important.

[ profile] imthelobster: and yes, I'm on crack. CRACKITY CRACK. Ashley crack. Ashley = my personal crack, and without Ashley I am NOOOOOTHING.
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Okay. Whatever [ profile] theemdash would like for you to believe? The following is a completely true and accurate representation of what went on last night.

Last night, she was attempting to describe to me a certain cliche within the SG-1 fandom. In doing so, she started using... hand gestures. And then, you guys, she got this look on her face. And in describing Jack and Daniel getting it on, she started clapping, got this funny little grin on her face... and her tongue came slightly out of her mouth. Oh. My. God. I can't even... words do not properly describe at all the level of fangirl that she reached, or how damn funny it was. It was pretty much the best thing I have seen in... probably ever. I died laughing.

Also, if ever you think that you have reached true levels of obsession, never let it be forgotten that [ profile] theemdash used to literally quiz herself on the names and order of Buffy episodes. There are no words.

I love you, [ profile] theemdash! :D
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[ profile] barbed_whispers is gone. :(
We did actually hate each other -- but the same way that we've always hated each other, so it pretty much went entirely awesomely.
Let's see, what did we do... we definitely DIDN'T visit about twelve bookstores... yeah, definitely not... >.>
We played a lot of Mario Party with [ profile] fluffymaru, we shopped at The Village, completely failed at PI... beat up on each other a lot. Heh.
We watched Buffy! How could we NOT when we met up for the first time? The Wish... and some Veronice Mars (ep 18 and the alterna prom). And TWO WHOLE SEASONS OF AVATAR, ahahahaha. Which was awesome.
I dunno, it was pretty amazing, and I admit it -- I was sad when she left today. Even if she IS a dirty rotten cheater! (♥)


Work! Okay so I went back into work tonight... it was SLOW AS SHIT, though. Like... wtf. I was actually done in girls before the store closed, so I went over to body wear to help out Nina, and was done with THAT about five minutes after we closed... went to the Infant Gondolas and got those done, and then we actually super-zoned most of softlines before heading over to food, where softlines and hardlines together did TEN FREAKIN' AISLES for them. Seriously, wtf. But we were still out by 10:30, so our store was pretty well DEAD tonight.

BUT. So work called me at 9:30 this morning and woke me up, right? I was actually pretty annoyed by it... and she was asking me if I could come in from 10-1 tomorrow for some meeting thing... and I was basically just like "YEP SURE BYE" and I rolled over and fell back asleep and didn't think about it... well, when I went into work tonight I ran into Michael, and he apologized for not realizing that I worked tonight and blah blah, and THEN he tells me that tomorrow is a mini-orientation for a new team that he's creating and wants me in on.

I don't know a lot of details yet, since obviously I haven't been to the thing tomorrow (heh) but it's basically an out-of-stock and research team, from what he told me... five days a week, 40 hours, WOOHOOO! And it's all mornings (7-330) so that's pretty awesome, toooo. I'm excited! :D And I'm SO GLAD that I moved to the sales floor when I did, because I don't think he would have grabbed me for his team otherwise, heh. But yes. eee!

I think that's basically it from me. :D
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I ♥ [ profile] butterflyvision FOREVER for showing me this:
omg seriously I have not stopped giggling for like five minutes. so awesome.
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Time to update? You bet!

I don't really remember what I updated about last time. hmm.

I did end up signing up for [ profile] yuletide, and I'm happy about what I get to write. :D Chances are I'll be cursing myself for this later, but for now it's all sunshine and roses. hahaha.
(If you're my [ profile] yuletide santa and you read this: pretty much everything makes me happy. Het, slash, gen... whatever. Hardcore or G rated... I am seriously easy to please. But if you're writing AB:VH, plz do not be making Edward gay? kthx.)

Umm. I had a really awesome Halloween night, and a really horrible few days at work. (The work load tonight was ridiculously large, and most definitely transferred over into tomorrow, and possibly also Monday morning, which blows so hard I don't even have the words.) I am, however, looking seriously into getting a second job. We'll see.

I finished my take home test for Western Civilization (thank god) which consisted of ten short essays and three longer ones. wtf, why did I put it off? And speaking of putting things off... I still have to do my paper, which is also due tomorrow. o.O wtf.

Some pictures of our Halloween stuff: here )

woot. ::runs off::
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One and two.
(Especially that second one. hahahaha)

And in another note, because it's awesome:

Check this one out, too.

As if everyone didn't already know? I occassionally love [ profile] barbed_whispers to itty bitty pieces... when I'm not busy hating her. :)
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So guess what guys.

I have chosen my Halloween costume. Yep!

Look at my icon!



Will I not have the most awesome costume EVAH?! OH YEAH. THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!

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[ profile] getaway_machine (10:34:27 PM): mmmm, SNAPPLE APPLE
[ profile] barbed_whispers (10:34:35 PM): snapple apple kind of frightens me
[ profile] getaway_machine (10:34:42 PM): haha you're a freak
[ profile] barbed_whispers (10:35:18 PM): it tastes too much like an apple! in fact, the only difference between the two is that snapple apple goes "glug" and not "crunch!"
[ profile] getaway_machine (10:35:31 PM): hahahahhahahahahhaa
[ profile] barbed_whispers (10:35:37 PM): i wonder if it would be good with a peanut butter sammich.
[ profile] barbed_whispers (10:35:41 PM): HMMMMMM.
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[ profile] barbed_whispers (10:26:24 PM): your penis and my laugh could join forces and TAKE OVER THE WORLD
[ profile] getaway_machine (10:26:29 PM): HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!
[ profile] barbed_whispers (10:26:48 PM): oh god, what if your penis HAD AN EVIL LAUGH?????
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Clay Aiken?

And that hair?

Kind of...

Yes. that is the word.


WOOO. I love that boy.
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I'm making this post on behalf of Lisa.

Who no longer has more comments than me on MY OWN JOURNAL WOO.

She told me I had to make this so she could spam.

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"Pteradactal's are EXTINCT."

"They are not, they keep eating my fish!"

"No, they really are."

"That'll make it even more surprising when they eat you!"

".... ::facepalm::"

haha you guys, don't I have AWESOME FRIENDS?!
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I love my roommate.
When I got off of work tonight, I had a phone call from [ profile] faeriedeath. Well, sort of... but from Jason, really. Who started reciting the quadratic formula to me to try and prove that he wasn't drunk.
I might have bought it [no, not really] but then I listened to her phone post, with him saying "We're not fighting Mexicans, we're staying home with a taser gun!" and "Taser guns have electrons!" and I about died laughing. Oh, Jason. You don't read this, but how I plan to make so much fun of you when you and Katie get back on Sunday. Ohhh yes. Be prepared.

In other news... first actual day of training and stuff tonight. It sucked. Not because of the actual job, though... I think I'll enjoy it once I know it and all. But the lady training me was so negative... talking bad about Target the entire time and everything. >.< I'm like... shut up. Seriously. Also, she's just not good at training... she said I'm the first person she's ever trained, and yeah, it shows. She would do things, and totally not explain them. I would ask her to, and she would... explain without explaining, if that makes sense. So I learned how to do the basics of the job, because I couldn't not learn or I would have been doing nothing but sitting on my ass all night, but she didn't explain any of the computer work or anything to me. She's going to have to, though. Ugh. Thankfully, the day that I open while still in training I'll be with Carol instead of her...
Anyway. I did mostly enjoy it, though. It's not as stressful as I thought it would be, although I do sort of wish that there had been more for me to do, as it was pretty slow at points... she did say that that was unusual though, so I hope it's not so slow next time I go in. But. Yay, job!

[OMG, Katie and Jason just called me again. I wish I could record this. AHAHAHA.]

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