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I fucking got rear-ended last night, y'all. Some fuckass right in front of my apartment complex ran into me... thankfully not going very FAST, and there was no damage to my car, but it gave me one hell of a headache. And my neck is still a little tight, despite me taking advantage of my workplace last night and getting Nina to work on it for me. :(

The point, though, is that people SUCK. In case you weren't already aware.
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okay, lj-land. I need help.

Since LJ recently changed the Customize page, I cannot find the link to edit my Links List. Which I WANT TO DO, dammit.

...actually, I just got to it by typing in the URL. (the fact that I got it right astounds even me, I assure you.)

Regardless, does anyone know how to find it now WITHOUT having to type in the direct web address? ::flails::
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I am really, really sick of people assuming that I can't be friends with someone just because I'm friends with them. I'm not some damn ulterior motive, and I'm not some damn person who just follows people around without my own opinions. I am my own fucking person, and my friends are my friends BECAUSE THEY ARE MY FRIENDS, and I swear to god I'm going to develop some sort of complex if people don't stop thinking that people can't be friends with me just because I am ME, because seriously... wtf is that shit?

bvfdjk. ughhh.
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Sometimes I seriously think I need a brain transfusion or something. wtf, self. just... wtf.


I have a lot of thoughts on the recent lj drama, and a lot of them probably not what most people would expect, but mostly I'm sick of reading about (so why I'm saying something, I don't know.)
Here's what I DO know:
[ profile] pornish_pixies is back! I had taken it off of my flist a while ago, but I now feel this overwhelming need to go and reread some of the stuff I used to love. So I think I'm going to. :D

(I need to re-tag my journal. Not that anyone cares, but it's annoying me.)

OMG so. I got my time off request approved today... meaning that I'm going up to NJ to meet up with [ profile] barbed_whispers and drive back down with her at which point she will be LIVING HERE. You guys... that is seriously less than a month away at this point. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO TELL YOU ALL HOW THIS MAKES ME FEEL.
(pee ess: Lisa, I need to talk about a couple things with you. weeeeeeee.)

For those of you that haven't heard: More info on the HP theme park! How much do I love living in Orlando? SERIOUSLY. (There's a minor minor spoiler-ish type thing on page two of the article for Deathly Hallows... but honestly, I'm spoiler-phobic and it wasn't something that bothered me/that I didn't already know, so take that how you will.)

Work has been fucking CRAZY this week. Just... insane, I don't even know. It feels like we've been behind all week, and I've had to stay late pretty much every day... which means I'll get to leave early tomorrow and/or Saturday, though, so I guess that's good? On Sunday, though, I have to go in at FIVE AM. Ugh. Uuuugh.
OH OH BUT. I got randomly happy, because one of the AP (Assets Protection) guys has been going around quizzing everyone on safeness vs. safety, since we're going to be having a HUGE visit soon (the VP of the company for AP, wtf) and they'll be going around asking people... so when I answered his questions he was like "Do you know you're the first person out of about a HUNDRED that I've asked that hit all the main points on the first try? Thank you. Just... thank you." And I was like, YEAH I KIND OF WIN. heh.

Hmmm. I guess that's about all I have right now...

(I'll close this by saying this:
I really love some people and I'd really love to punt some others in the fucking face.
Was that vague enough for recent events? Yeah. wtf.)
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It's good to know that something said on this journal can travel so quickly.

And that I'm still good at getting insulted by people that I don't even know.

And that people can delete me off of their friends list, but still manage to give a shit about what I have to say. :D

Really, whoever the hell those people are can say anything they want to say, but the main reaction I'm having here? Is that amusement. But then, idiots are pretty entertaining, aren't they?
Hey, whatever they want to say -- at least I know I'm not a coward who hides behind friends locked posts for things like this. :)

Ah well, the good news is that I can wash my hands of at least some of the stupidity in my life, which is a welcome relief since it was only a matter of time anyway, and it's much nicer to be done with it NOW.

On THAT note, at least *I* can say that I haven't driven away every friend I had within a 100 mile radius of me. :D
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awww, I got deleted -- how terribly sad. Really. I can feel my heart breaking right... about... NOW!

Oh, wait. No, no that was the sound of RELIEF at not having to scroll past any more pathetically self-involved, annoying, ridiculous entries. Hurrah!

Took fucking long enough, and thank fucking god. :D
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So I still need to post about Japan. I know this. I will get on that... eventually.

For the moment, though? I feel the need to put something out here. I just do.

I had an accident at work. I am drugged up. It makes me slightly loopy. And it either is making me bitchy, or it has taken away most of the barriers I have up to keep from getting overly bitchy. I'm not sure which, but whatever, I am bitchy. So?

Don't fucking mess with me. Just don't. If you do, you are going to piss me off. Thanks.

On another, even more random note, [ profile] sky_was_green is occassionally awesome, and I had missed the stories of her batshit crazy friends. So I am going to suck less, so that I can continue to hear these stories. heh. woo.

::goes away now::
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So, just so we're clear?

People making my friends upset/unhappy/uncomfortable/whatever?

Rather pisses me off.

I'm sure most of you knew this already, but... grrrrrrrrr.
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So a con report is kind of unnecessary, since I was barely even at the con, but whatever. Here's what I've been doing the past few days?! heh.

I guess I should cut this, it is kind of long... )

Anyway, yeah, Dragon*Con stuff will be heating up, now, and I'm really kind of looking forward to that. I'll be pulling my new sewing machine out of the box for the first time here soon, and I can't wait! :D :D :D

ALSO. Casey sucks at Ninja Gaiden! hahaha (I'm kidding, Casey. :P )

Okay, it's starting to storm pretty bad, and we might lose power, so I'm going to post this before it all disappears on me, because that would SUCK.
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I get to meet [ profile] takarakanashi tomorrow! XD I'm very excited. And we even managed to make some concrete plans! How weird is that?!

Random love goes out to [ profile] soleil_luna for her entertaining away messages.

Meh. I felt like I should make an actual update, but I opened this and blah.

For the record? City Walk SUCKS ASS and Pleasure Island wins. Not that this is any surprise, but I figured I'd say it just so we're all clear.
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To Char:

Feb. 17th, 2004 05:59 pm
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Since you decided it was necessary to block my comments on your journal [which, by the way, destroyed any respect I may have had for you], I leave you my final comment here:

I'm responding one last time to say just a few things:

1. Believe it or not, Karen is a very good friend of mine despite the very obvious reasons why the friendship may not have worked. And since she has come to mean a lot to me, it matters to me what happens to her - and that includes through her other friends. So, yes, I may only know one side - I know hers, and I take hers, and see no reason to be ashamed of it. In brief, I make it my business because I care about Karen.

2. I didn't actually come here with any intent of commenting more than once. I don't care for you, you know that, and I'm sure that you now have negative feelings towards me. I will freely admit that I could have acted [and reacted] in a better - or more mature - way. However, I don't regret anything that I have said in here, because it is my - and I stress my - opinion.

3. I have a life, don't assume things about me. I'm here posting for the sheer amusement factor, and after this comment I have no intention of posting again as I feel that I've said what I came to say, and I don't feel like drawing a pointless "conversation" or whatever you want to comment.

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