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So, [ profile] barbed_whispers just screamed at me for updating my LJ with not a real update, so I guess I'll do a real one.

Life has been pretty crazy for me. For those of you who don't know, I got fired in December, right before Christmas. I have never been fired before, and it felt pretty shitty, even though I know the company was full of assholes and shady practices and whatnot. I don't even want to get into all that here, cause it's long and convoluted and honestly I'm done being bitter about them and whatever, but it's enough to say that it's better for me to be away from them anyway, what with the lawsuits that are headed their way, but still, you know? No one likes being fired... especially right before Christmas, which was just special.

Despite that, [ profile] imthelobster and I went on the vacation we had planned to Vermont, to be with his family for Christmas. It was unseasonably warm up there, which meant not as much snow as I would have hoped for, but it's still gorgeous there. Seriously, everything is just so pretty that it's ridiculous. Also, I want to move away from Orlando so bad, have I mentioned that recently? Anyway, the trip was lovely all around. His family is pretty much awesome. I've met his parents before of course, but it was my first time meeting his extended family, and it was a lot of fun... they're all so welcoming and such too. Basically: his family rocks.

So I was able to find a job relatively quickly after we got back home; I just started last week. It's not ideal, because it's only about 30-32 hours a week, and it's a crazy shift (3am-9am, M-F) BUT it's a job, and I'll take what I can get right now. I'm working at UPS through a temp. agency, but it's a one year contract. It's at one of their factory places or whatever, and basically 3 hours or so of my shift is spent monitoring the machines/people as packages get unloaded from the trucks, looking for different percentages and making sure things work properly etc., and the other 3 hours or so is for doing paperwork relating to that. Honestly, the paperwork doesn't take me 3 hours even now, and I've only done it for 4 days, so that part is stupid easy. I've already been told to bring a book with me to work, hahaha. It's a very easy job in general, but a little difficult physically, what with all the running around, and my knees are just not very good. Hopefully that won't be a problem in the long run though. It will never be a job that I love, but I think I can do it, and do it well, and that's enough for right now.

In other things, I've been reading the Beka Cooper books by Tamora Pierce. SHOCKING REVELATION: I love them. Beka is no Kel, of course, and she's no Alanna either, but the books are super entertaining, and Beka is kickass, and it's awesome to get a look back at Tortall how is was in the past. So much the same, and yet so much different. Tamora Pierce does it wonderfully. I really should read her other world stuff too at some point. When I finish the third Beka book, though, it's on to my re-read of Hunger Games.

SPEAKING OF, I am ridiculously excited for the Hunger Games movie. I hope it's as good as it should be, and as good as it looks like it's going to be, because oh man. I might just flip out from excitement.

Uh, what else. I'm watching lots of TV and such, but I don't have much to say about most of it, cause I get my flails out either with [ profile] imthelobster, my mom, or by just scrolling through a ridiculous amount of pages on tumblr.

I've been wanting to get back into the habit of taking a lot of pictures / photography in general, mostly because [ profile] imthelobster has this awesome camera and takes gorgeous shots with it, but I've been lazy (story of my life) and haven't actually done anything about it.

Oh, but speaking of his camera and stuff, I don't remember if he posted his Hogwarts posters on LJ or not, but if you haven't seen them, go poke him a lot, because they are freaking beautiful, and I totally want them printed and hanging on my wall, for serious. ♥ ♥

Okay I think I'm done for now.
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My Uncle Danny randomly came into town this weekend, so I went and had lunch with him and my mom today. It was nice... I haven't seen him in years. It's been a really long time since I've seen any of that part of the family, really. He has a daughter (who didn't come with him) that's like... 5 now? I have a 5 year old cousin I have never seen in person. It's just kind of sad, I guess. I should try to find a way to go and visit everyone up in Ohio at some point.
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Merry Christmas guys! I hope all of you are having a great one ♥

Mine's been good... and I have the best boyfriend in the world. I love [ profile] imthelobster a whole hell of a lot, and he is very good to me. :)

We went to my Dad's last night to do Christmas with him. They made me happy just because they did things like buy a new stocking so that James had one, too, and putting both our names on some of the gifts, as well as giving him a couple of things just for him. I'm so glad they're actually acknowledging how important this relationship is to me.
For me, they gave me a Wii Fit, so I'm really happy about that. I've been wanting it, and hopefully I'll actually use it regularly, since I could stand to lose some weight, for sure.

Today we had our Christmas morning together, and we're going to go to my Mom's for dinner tonight. So a pretty relaxed Christmas all in all, but I like that it's not been stressful or too overly crazy.

Hopefully next year we'll be going up to Vermont and spending Christmas with his family. Somehow we're going to manage to make that happen.
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My life, you guys.

Hokay, so, let's go over my day yesterday:

I woke up and played WoW. Dinged 79. >.> Best part of my day rofl.

Had to work from 3-6 for a coworker... mind, not getting paid overtime (which those hours were) which, uhm... sucks. Yep, that's the word I'm going for. >:|

So okay, whatever. Finished at work and went to the work Christmas party. Woo? It was okay... about what you'd expect from a work party, lol. But there was a lot of food, so that was okay. We played a gift exchange game and I left with a $10 gift card to panera (and [ profile] imthelobster got a $10 gift card to barnes & noble) so that worked. Also got a gift from the clinic... another panera gift card and a target gift card. Worth going to the party :P


Left the party and was driving home... and my tire blew out on the 408. vdbjsknvjks. I'm okay, the car is fine (other than, obviously, the tire) and I managed to get off the road and into the median without any further incident... but it freaked me RIGHT the fuck out. Yeah. I kind of panicked for a little. :/

So I call [ profile] imthelobster and have her turn around and come back to me, and discover that my AAA membership had expired... uh, oops? Call her aunt to see if she could put on my donut (lord knows I have no idea how to do it) and so she comes out, cause she's awesome, only to inform me that one of my lug nuts is broken and a bolt is stuck or... something to that extent? In any case, tire can't be taken off without tools that she does not have. EXCELLENT.

Cue having to call someone else to use his AAA membership to call a tow truck out. Thank god people are nice and come to help, huh? So we wait around for a two truck, it finally comes, gets my car on fine and drives away...

And [ profile] imthelobster's car won't start. W.T.F. Neither car still sitting there had jumper cables in the car. So we run to Wal*Mart to get freaking jumper cables, while the tow truck guy is calling bitching at me about why aren't we following and I'm wasting his money and OMG dude, I seriously did not ask the car to NOT START WTF.

Ugh, at least her car started without any real trouble, so we finally get going, get my car towed to a Meineke, and get freaking HOME to we can pass out.

Cue today... I woke up early so I could call my dad to hopefully help me out. Meineke took close to SIX. HOURS. to replace a freaking tire. Six hours! Granted they did a little bit of other work, too, but it was the tire we were waiting on. Apparently they had to order it from somewhere and have a truck bring it over. So I was late to work by about 2 hours... just a few days before christmas, which they SOOO appreciated.

I feel so ridiculous right now.
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I'm an idiot sometimes.

I don't give my dad enough credit, most of the time. My mom I sometimes give too much, but my dad... never enough.

And I worry too much, too, as I've been informed. Definitely a worrier. I should work on that.

Important thing: everything is good. :)
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You know what's aggravating? When I'm watching an episode of Heroes (finally catching up!) and the file decides to be a douche and refuse to play anymore five minutes before the ep is over. So now I have to go find a different download for it, and yeah, ANNOYING.

Also, I've been trying to decide whether or not I should watch ahead in Avatar. I've got through episode 3x09 sitting on my comp, but if I watch it and there's a cliffhanger or anything like that then I've got almost a month before seeing a new ep, since these aired early in the UK or something...
So let's go with the easy way to decide this, shall we? POLL TIME.

[Poll #1078734]

See how I like to get you guys to make my decisions for me? ;)

I'm going to see my mom later tonight. I'm kind of excited about it... I haven't seen her in a while. I am such a mommy girl. ::dies::
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Yay, updates?

I had a horrible day at work today. Like, seriously horrible. Apparently? Everything got deleted off of our computers somehow. Everything. So I was trying to rebuild files today, and find what we have on disk, etc. I mean, there's nothing super important that can't be replaced/found again on the comps alone, we're not that dumb, but it's still a royal pain in the ass. So. YAY?
Not to mention the fact that apparently fucking Krystal decided not to clead the breakroom ALL FUCKING WEEKEND, so who got that honor today? Uh huh, yeah. Me. It was disgusting, and it wouldn't have to be if everyone just did their job every night. I do it every time I close, too... and it's not that hard. vndjlnvbkl. WHATEVER.

So I was stressed out and exhausted and close to tears at more than one point today, and I decided to skip out on class. Probably stupid, but... whatever, too late to change it now. And I feel better.

The baby shower on Sunday was... boring. haha. I liked spending the night at my moms, though... haven't done that in a long time, and it was nice, just spending time with her. So, yay. :D

Ummm. yeah. I'm done.
Oh, except to say: [ profile] barbed_whispers you suck. :( Answer your phone sometime. :( (also: GIP. haha.)
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Okay. So for those of you who haven't heard yet through the grapevine or whatever, I won't have internet until Thursday. Next Thursday. A freakin' week from now. I am not pleased about this, to say the least, but you do what you gotta do, hey?

So I'm at the library right now. I was supposed to be registering for classes at Valencia, but Atlas is still down, the stupid thing, so I figured I would take some time to update real quick.

I've moved into my apartment! I'm happy about that, muchly. I think it looks nice, too. My mom was the best mom ever and took a half-day at work so that I wasn't alone with the movers, which I appreciated so much, since I've never done anything like that before and it was odd. And then Nicole & Casey, being the awesome friends they are, came over when I got out of my orientation and helped me unpack some of my boxes and set a few things up and just hang out and whatever.

I'm going out with my dad, stepmom and grandmother today to pick up some essentials for living... like pots. and a microwave. So I can freaking EAT, because sandwiches are going to get old fast, I am quite certain.

Orientation at Valencia went... boringly. Heh. As mentioned, though, I still haven't been able to register for classes, which is so ridiculous. Ugh. But... whatever. I'll get it done, and at least I'm not behind, because no one can register right now. Which makes me feel better.

So mostly I've just been busy with work, and setting myself up for school, and moving in, and all that jazz. I miss being online, though. :( and omg I haven't talked to [ profile] barbed_whispers in DAYS, I think I might be dying. booo. But I'll have internet again in a week! I keep telling myself that to try and make myself believe it's a short amount of time or something. It's not really working. :/

I'm sure I had more things to update about, but I'm short on time right now and just wanted to get an entry out there so you guys didn't think I'd dropped off the face of the planet or something. And sorry I wasn't really able to read my flist very well... I skimmed, but I skipped a lot. If I missed something important, comment?



HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] intotheheart!


pee ess: I have an awesome new Halo icon, I do, I do.
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Karen: Fuck it, I'm throwing it out!
Me: hahaha
Karen: The POTTING SOIL not the PRINTER!

Yes okay anyway. Family coming into tow tomorrow. I'm kind of excited, even though it means I won't be home. :D

doo doo doo. I think I'm done now.

Isn't my livejournal just the most interesting thing ever? Yeah that's what I thought.

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