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Okay, so this was awesome enough that I have to post about it.

I was having a sort of in-between day today. Just... a day, nothing really special. Aaaanyway, I went on break at work, and came back... exceptionally annoyed. Kind of ridiculously so, actually, considering what it was that annoyed me... which isn't the important part.

So I logged onto GTalk (like usual... heh. work? what's that?) and IMed [ profile] marilla82, and she asked if I wanted her to bring me dinner, or chai, or a cute boy. Thinking she was joking, of course, I was like "haha, a chai actually sounds best out of those options."

This leads to her actually driving across town, buying me a chai, and bringing it to my workplace. And then, as an EXTRA SPECIAL surprise, she has a [ profile] katilara in the passenger seat with her, who apparently decided that driving across town for all of twenty minutes of hang out time sounded like a good plan. !!!!!

This seriously made my life. Hung out for a little bit at work (again... work?! who does that?!) and chatted and... oh man, it just cheered me up SO MUCH. You two, really, I appreciate it TONS and omg I love you both like mad right now.

So basically: my friends are spectacular. :D :D
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First of all: I am really exhausted right now. That seems like almost a constant shape for me the past little while.

Other than that, though... I really love my life right now. I just wanted to throw that out there, because I am in such a good mood despite being so tired, and I'm just... happy. So I wanted to post it and let everyone know that I really am, right now, and so that I'll remember how I feel, right now, at some point when I'm not so happy.

Strange, too. I'm tired, I'm so poor this week (my own fault), and there's some stupid shit going on at work, but just... I don't know. Life is good.
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[ profile] theemdash: Let's be honest, I wouldn't kill McKay while he was fingering me that hard.

I don't think anything else needs to be said about tonight. :)
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HOKAY I almost forgot to update today, y'all. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN BAD! I would have had to have cried. Or something.

BUT I AM AT [ profile] theemdash'S RIGHT NOW! (Macs are weird. I don't like it. Whatever, Mac people, I like my PC, thanks.) She and [ profile] imthelobster and I have been watching FMA. >.> Watching [ profile] theemdash spaz out over it as much as she does has been VERY ENTERTAINING.

She even spazzed about touching the first box set. I'm serious. I believe she mentioned something about getting naked and rolling around with the discs. I don't know, but I figure what she does in her private life isn't really any of my business, so if that's what she likes to do, then so be it.

And in case it is in question, I am highly enjoying FMA thus far. Weee!

In other news, we also played Halo 3 before Nick had to leave for work. Who knew that we could make an even crazier version of Crazy King?! But we did. EXCELLENT.

And now I have not failed in NaBloPoMo. :)
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1. I am FINALLY a proud owner of the Serenity Special Edition DVD. omg. The DVD box is gorgeous. I liked it when I bought it, and then I actually got it home and OPENED it... seriously, I can't imagine how it could be more perfect. AND SESSION 416 IS ON DVD NOW. This makes me very happy!!! And the Serenity walk through was so much fun. eeeee! I love the cast, I love the show, I love the movie, I LOVE JOSS!!! I cannot WAIT until Saturday, which is when Lisa and I plan to watch the commentary (with Joss, Nathan, Adam, Summer, and Ron!!!) I believe. I AM SO GIDDY AND FANGIRLY AND WOOOO.

2. The connection on my Wii is working again! I had to buy an adapter to make it a wired connection instead of wireless, but whatever, it is working and I am pleased.

3. I own an external harddrive! I've sort of been wanting one for a while, but I've just never gotten one, but I got a really good deal on a 500GB one at Best Buy tonight. woo! Best Buy for the WIN tonight, guys.


5. I have had a good day. :)
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heh. I guess I should let everyone know that I'm going to be gone for a few days, right? I'm heading out to Las Vegas, woooo! I'm leaving this morning, actually, and I won't be back until Yuesday night, so.... don't miss me too much! :)
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Okay. Whatever [ profile] theemdash would like for you to believe? The following is a completely true and accurate representation of what went on last night.

Last night, she was attempting to describe to me a certain cliche within the SG-1 fandom. In doing so, she started using... hand gestures. And then, you guys, she got this look on her face. And in describing Jack and Daniel getting it on, she started clapping, got this funny little grin on her face... and her tongue came slightly out of her mouth. Oh. My. God. I can't even... words do not properly describe at all the level of fangirl that she reached, or how damn funny it was. It was pretty much the best thing I have seen in... probably ever. I died laughing.

Also, if ever you think that you have reached true levels of obsession, never let it be forgotten that [ profile] theemdash used to literally quiz herself on the names and order of Buffy episodes. There are no words.

I love you, [ profile] theemdash! :D
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Okay, so I should be in bed, but I have to share this.

Hakkai's power? Comes from beans.
Beans, beans, the magical fruit...

in other news, I ♥ [ profile] theemdash and much fun was had today, as well as much, much watching of things. Also some making fun of doujin, which was amusing, and some drooling over Saiyuki artbooks.

All in all an excellent day. :D
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It's good to know that something said on this journal can travel so quickly.

And that I'm still good at getting insulted by people that I don't even know.

And that people can delete me off of their friends list, but still manage to give a shit about what I have to say. :D

Really, whoever the hell those people are can say anything they want to say, but the main reaction I'm having here? Is that amusement. But then, idiots are pretty entertaining, aren't they?
Hey, whatever they want to say -- at least I know I'm not a coward who hides behind friends locked posts for things like this. :)

Ah well, the good news is that I can wash my hands of at least some of the stupidity in my life, which is a welcome relief since it was only a matter of time anyway, and it's much nicer to be done with it NOW.

On THAT note, at least *I* can say that I haven't driven away every friend I had within a 100 mile radius of me. :D
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[ profile] hope99_31516 ROCKS!
♥ Crystal.

SO... [ profile] weheart_crystal.
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[ profile] barbed_whispers is gone. :(
We did actually hate each other -- but the same way that we've always hated each other, so it pretty much went entirely awesomely.
Let's see, what did we do... we definitely DIDN'T visit about twelve bookstores... yeah, definitely not... >.>
We played a lot of Mario Party with [ profile] fluffymaru, we shopped at The Village, completely failed at PI... beat up on each other a lot. Heh.
We watched Buffy! How could we NOT when we met up for the first time? The Wish... and some Veronice Mars (ep 18 and the alterna prom). And TWO WHOLE SEASONS OF AVATAR, ahahahaha. Which was awesome.
I dunno, it was pretty amazing, and I admit it -- I was sad when she left today. Even if she IS a dirty rotten cheater! (♥)


Work! Okay so I went back into work tonight... it was SLOW AS SHIT, though. Like... wtf. I was actually done in girls before the store closed, so I went over to body wear to help out Nina, and was done with THAT about five minutes after we closed... went to the Infant Gondolas and got those done, and then we actually super-zoned most of softlines before heading over to food, where softlines and hardlines together did TEN FREAKIN' AISLES for them. Seriously, wtf. But we were still out by 10:30, so our store was pretty well DEAD tonight.

BUT. So work called me at 9:30 this morning and woke me up, right? I was actually pretty annoyed by it... and she was asking me if I could come in from 10-1 tomorrow for some meeting thing... and I was basically just like "YEP SURE BYE" and I rolled over and fell back asleep and didn't think about it... well, when I went into work tonight I ran into Michael, and he apologized for not realizing that I worked tonight and blah blah, and THEN he tells me that tomorrow is a mini-orientation for a new team that he's creating and wants me in on.

I don't know a lot of details yet, since obviously I haven't been to the thing tomorrow (heh) but it's basically an out-of-stock and research team, from what he told me... five days a week, 40 hours, WOOHOOO! And it's all mornings (7-330) so that's pretty awesome, toooo. I'm excited! :D And I'm SO GLAD that I moved to the sales floor when I did, because I don't think he would have grabbed me for his team otherwise, heh. But yes. eee!

I think that's basically it from me. :D
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I hate Lisa already.

and by that, i mean i cant wait to cuddle because she is THE BEST EVER



ewwww, why would I hump THAT?!

WHY NOT?????????

because you're skankyyyy

so's your faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

and your mooooom


no cuddling without groping. >:|



it could be worse- i could be aren

yeaaaah, aren is the skankiest skank to ever skank

and now you're spinning around the apartment like a 4 year old ahahaha

... >:|

::wins!:: i am going to bitchslap ashley into next week and then i won't be here anymore!! also, a funny feeling is coming over her.

you guys. if you're still reading this. I hate lisa. If someone finds her with her head smashed in, like Lily Kane? YOU DON'T NEED VERONICA MARS. IT WAS MEEEEEEEE.

first of all, SHE IS A LIAR. second of all, it probably won't be my movie star bf, so yeah, ashley.

Logan is hotter anyway. BUT HE WOULD LOVE ME, NOT YOU.
...hahahahaha ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE GOING TO READ THIS. ::diesssss::

like you have any friends!



I have YOU, bitch

your mom paid me to come hang out with you

did she pay you to move here, too?



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omg. I got home last night and was barely even on my computer? Blasphemy!

Anyway, I have a little time before work to post this...

Went to Kobe and The Village last night with Nicole and Casey, which was awesome. :) I had a bit of a headache (which I still have today...) so that sucked, but I had a good time. I finally got my charm bracelet going!! I am very excited about this. And I got fudge... which I have yet to eat, but mmm, looking forward to that. :)

Back at their place, we exchanged gifts... I got the Blue Sun shirt! :O :O bvdjksbvd I have been wanting that shirt for a long time, so I was very happy. :D

Also, for those that don't know: our T-Mobile service got turned back on, so my old phone number is working, if you want to call. I still have the temp phone activated, too, so either number will work for the moment... woo. :)

I'll be gone the rest of today and most of tomorrow, so I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas -- or a Happy Holiday, for whatever you celebrate!
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Time to update? You bet!

I don't really remember what I updated about last time. hmm.

I did end up signing up for [ profile] yuletide, and I'm happy about what I get to write. :D Chances are I'll be cursing myself for this later, but for now it's all sunshine and roses. hahaha.
(If you're my [ profile] yuletide santa and you read this: pretty much everything makes me happy. Het, slash, gen... whatever. Hardcore or G rated... I am seriously easy to please. But if you're writing AB:VH, plz do not be making Edward gay? kthx.)

Umm. I had a really awesome Halloween night, and a really horrible few days at work. (The work load tonight was ridiculously large, and most definitely transferred over into tomorrow, and possibly also Monday morning, which blows so hard I don't even have the words.) I am, however, looking seriously into getting a second job. We'll see.

I finished my take home test for Western Civilization (thank god) which consisted of ten short essays and three longer ones. wtf, why did I put it off? And speaking of putting things off... I still have to do my paper, which is also due tomorrow. o.O wtf.

Some pictures of our Halloween stuff: here )

woot. ::runs off::
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A general note to the public: please disregard that last entry. [ profile] barbed_whispers thinks she's funny, but she's actually not. :)

I had... a really, really good day today. Hung out with [ profile] fluffymaru. :D We went to some outlet mall, which was FAILURE, buuut we decided to head down to Downtown Disney after that. Well, the Village. Funny, 'cause I do Pleasure Island often enough, but we're always there when everything closes... anyway, so I hadn't done it in a while.

Man. I just... I LOVE Disney. I love living in Orlando, I love the theme parks, I love PI, I love the Village, I love... everything about it, really.

So we ate at Rainforest Cafe... which was really good, but omg, it was COLD! brrr. But, still, good food, so yay! Went to the Pin Traders.. >.> omg, I spent too much money there. There are a lot of REALLY nice pins out right now, though! Like... I could have easily bought so many more than I did. THE HALLOWEEN TINKER BELL IS SO MUCH LOVE!!!

Spent a good deal of time in Wide World of Disney, too. So many things that I wanted, and had to put back. ;_;

Anyway, I guess we didn't do anything overly exciting, but it was just... a really, really fun day, which is something I have't had in a little while, so yaaaaaay. :D Although now I am SERIOUSLY hard up for more Disney time... omg is it the 20th yet? MICKEY'S NOT-SO-SCARY, HERE I COME!

In other news: NaNo season is upon us once more. I really need to decide if I'm even going to attempt it this year. It's the third of October, and I haven't even been on the website yet. I feel very weird. :/
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I have a new baby. With a huge harddrive. :D :D :D

omg, I can't wait for it to arriiiiiveeeeeeee. ::flails around::

Also. I almost fell asleep on the way home! No fun. So much ♥ to [ profile] simplykatie, who kept me from dying at the wheel tonight. haha, you think I'm kidding, but I'm actually probably sadly serious. -_-

aaaaand I'm going to go pass out now. Woo!
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One and two.
(Especially that second one. hahahaha)

And in another note, because it's awesome:

Check this one out, too.

As if everyone didn't already know? I occassionally love [ profile] barbed_whispers to itty bitty pieces... when I'm not busy hating her. :)
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I guess I should do an update, since I haven't in a while.

First things first: much love to Nicole and Casey for throwing me a birthday party. :D I had a lot of fun, even if Trick Shots fails like a failing thing. And thanks to you guys who came, too. :D

School has started again. I've been to two of my four classes so far... I'll go to the other two today. My math professor seems AWESOME, even if it is math. But that should make the class better! Because even if I hate the subject material, I like him, so maybe I won't dread going to class every week. My Western Civ professor is less awesome, which makes me SO MAD at myself, because the prof I had at UCF was so cool, and I fucked that up. ergh. Still... doesn't seem like it'll be bad. Essay tests, which made a lot of people groan, but dude, I LOVE those things. And only one paper, 2000 words, which wtf, is SHORT. I'm not worried. Plus, I LIKE history, even if I generally like it a little more modern than ancient Sumerarians, but whatevs. We'll get into Greek/Roman stuff eventually... although she said we probably won't make it to the Reformation and Renaissance. Oh well.

We'll see how U.S. Government and Religion goes today then, eh?

In other news, work has been... insane. They just downloaded a new timeclock system... and you'd think people were morons, I swear. You push the "START WORK" button to begin your shift. What a concept! I hate them all. If anything, this new timeclock is less complicated than the old one, where you had to push "F10". Whatever, I hate them all.

Although, it DOES suck that no one bothered to give any of Clerical any training, which means that we don't know how to get to any of our reports. FUN. But whatever, I'm on vacation now, so hopefully they'll have it figured out by the time I get back, eh?

Speaking of vacation... OMG DRAGON*CON SOON! I am so excited. Really. I should probably make myself a checklist or something, though, or I'm likely to forget something, which would not be cool. ergh. And it would be really nice to have a CAMERA CORD, so that I could have nothing on my memory card and plenty of room for pics! And so that I could DOWNLOAD THEM when I got home! UGHHHH that is so aggravating, because I STILL haven't found it, and a replacement one from Best Buy is like... $30. wtf?

OH. My tamagotchi (Lilly) had a baby! it was so funny. This other random tamagotchi shows up, and then a screen that says Love? and has me pick yes or no. So, for kicks, I pick yes, right? And then it shows them together with a heart over their heads... AND THEN THE SCREEN GOES BLACK. AND THEN THERE ARE FIREWORKS. omg, they were so having sex! And when the lights came back on? The other tamagotchi was GONE and there was a baby next to Lilly! omg the bastard left her a single mom! rofl. And when she feeds the baby, it kind of looks like she's puking on it. There's still some question as to what the baby will be named. He's a boy... I'm thinking of following in the VMars tradition and going with Wevil. (only one 'e', because it has to be five letters or less.) ahaha, I love this thing.

I know I had other things to update about... bah. This is what I get for not updating every day.

Random: If you hadn't noticed yet, I changed my layout. I think it's very pretty now! I probably won't keep this up for long, though, since it's an eljay default and that kind of bugs me, but at the same time I really like it... so we'll see!
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1. Decent day at work, shitty day with father. Yay?

2. Played SO MUCH Halo tonight. Woo! Very theraputic. Very fun. [ profile] fluffymaru is my favoritest campaign buddy EVAH. ♥

3. [ profile] barbed_whispers is discovering her love for VMars. Hee! Score one for me!

4. SO MUCH to do tomorrow. Don't really want to think about it. I need to sleep, though... which is probably okay since I am SO FREAKIN' TIRED. What's up with that, body, siriusly?

5. It's kind of funny how I have other things to update about, and yet have no interest in putting them on lj anymore. :/ Or maybe I just don't like thinking so much! Because that tends to lead to bad things... apparently. So, I'll just stop that, then.

6. I know I already posted about this... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI, I ♥ you like CAH-RAZY, you know? XD
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So a con report is kind of unnecessary, since I was barely even at the con, but whatever. Here's what I've been doing the past few days?! heh.

I guess I should cut this, it is kind of long... )

Anyway, yeah, Dragon*Con stuff will be heating up, now, and I'm really kind of looking forward to that. I'll be pulling my new sewing machine out of the box for the first time here soon, and I can't wait! :D :D :D

ALSO. Casey sucks at Ninja Gaiden! hahaha (I'm kidding, Casey. :P )

Okay, it's starting to storm pretty bad, and we might lose power, so I'm going to post this before it all disappears on me, because that would SUCK.

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