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...when did Last.FM change the site design? Why did they change their site design? I don't like it. :(

I do, however, like the Olympics. OMG OLYMPICS. OMG MICHAEL PHELPS!!!!! I am so madly in love with Michael Phelps right now it is not even funny.

On an olympic gymnastic note, I decided to be really far behind and went and watched the womens gymnastic competition for a spot on the olympic team. I am also kind of in love with Chellsie Memmel. She's just... gorgeous. I dunno. Like, Shawn Johnson is amazing and I get that, and yes, she was awesome to watch and all, but... Chellsie. ♥ her.

Weeeeee! :D

(On a random note, certain people at work can suck it, BUT WHATEVER.)

Dragon*Con in like... two weeks. Dude. o.O
It feels really weird to be planning to go to a con and not worrying about costumes or anything. Kind of nice (a free sort of feeling, in a way) but weird.
I am really getting excited for the con this year, though. :D

...yeah. You can tell I really don't want to be at work tonight. Playing around on facebook, and the last.FM, and now livejournal... >.>
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HOKAY. Since I moped around [ profile] barbed_whispers last night for a few hours, and then did something I'm not at all proud of, and then had to inform [ profile] katilara that I have been, to use her term, a grumpig, I decided that I should DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

Hooray for taking your happiness into your own hands. Which is clearly how it should be all the time, but whatever.

SO. In list form, some things that I am happy/excited about, or just proud of:

1. I found really adorable pink sparkly flip-flops for $2.80 at Kohl's. Wasn't even what I was looking for, but, SUCCESS.

2. Speaking of things I wasn't looking for, I also found a really adorable flip-flop wallet. To put in my pink purse that I will wear around with my pink sparkly flip-flops. Sometimes I feel too girly for words, I swear to god.

3. While B&N didn't have the book that I went in looking for (sadface, but I've decided to just order it off of Amazon once I move) I did buy three new books today. YAY RETAIL THERAPY?!

I totally did not buy 13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson just because she's Hank and John Green's Secret Sister. Um.

In case anyone is interested, I also bought Sabriel, by Garth Nix and Tithe, by Holly Black. Though when I'll get around to reading these is a secret no one knows! Not even me.

(Quick aside: look for planned rereading and discussing of Harry Potter soon, and [ profile] barbed_whispers and I strongly encourage people to join us. Seriously. It will be much more fun that way! I'm looking at you, flist. More info in a later post, though.)

4. SPEAKING of Hank and John Green, Brotherhood 2.0! I've watched smatterings of episodes before, but a couple days ago I started from the beginning and have been working my way through. Oh. My. God. I love them! LOVE. I've gotten through April and am starting on May after finishing this post. :D

And did you know that John Green's next book is going to be set in Orlando?! YES. So, even though they haven't announced tour dates or anything, that still means that they should end up coming here, right? RIGHT?!

5. I found a bra that
a) fits me
b) wasn't ridiculously expensive
c) isn't the most hideous thing ever.
Yes, this is actually REALLY EXCITING news, because it's surprisingly hard to find a bra that meets all three of these criteria, for me. And I'm not even that big. (And too bad for you if that's TMI. (Also, for those who are wondering, comfort was assumed in 'fits me.'))

6. Even though I wasn't able to go to the wrock show last night, [ profile] barbed_whispers got me a really spectacular signed poster. With a tree drawn on it!! heeee.

7. Today I went grocery shopping, with no prodding at all and no toilet paper emergency. THIS IS IMPRESSIVE. Not only that, but I bought real food. Like, that I have to cook! And I'm making plans to actually cook it! Really simple stuff, of course, but hey. I'm starting small. (On that note, [ profile] barbed_whispers, I may actually be making dinner tonight? WHOA.)

8. I finally said something out loud that I think I've known/have been feeling for quite a while now. I feel good about it, I just have to decide what to do about it, which will be much harder.

9. While [ profile] barbed_whispers and I came to our senses about actually protesting Twilight in the most hilarious way ever, it is still SO MUCH FUN to plan to do it. Yeah, I'm messed up in the head.

10. I want to plan another day to force people to stop being hermits! [ profile] katilara, [ profile] theemdash, [ profile] marilla82, [ profile] imthelobster, I'm looking at you! (And at [ profile] barbed_whispers, too, but the jury is still out on whether or not I'll ever convince her to leave her room when there's not a concert or Weather Warden involved. heh.)

Okay, so that got really long, but... I'm going, for once, to refuse to cut it. Because that's a lot of good things in my life, even if some of them seem silly, and it's doing me a lot of good to reminded of it. :)

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I'm stealing this from [ profile] katilara. Because I am a thief and I CAN, so there.

itunes soundtrack meme )
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Stealing this from [ profile] theemdash... because I like it. :)

How many songs total: 6063
How many hours or days of music: 15:20:38:17 How's that for awesome? :D
Most recently played: Inevitable - Anberlin (I might have been listening this continuously for two days now... it's a slight possibility. Uh. Anyway.)
Most played: Carry On My Wayward Son - Kansas - 737
Most recently added: American Car - Mike Doughty

Sort by song title:
First Song: -karasu- - Dir en grey
If I go to numbers it's 1972 by Bethany Joy Lenz, and if I go to the A's, it's A Beautiful Lie - 30 Seconds to Mars
Last Song: Zombie - The Cranberries

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: R.K. Intro - Our Lady Peace (0:06)
Longest Song: The Golden Horseshoe Revue - Disneyland (31:33)

Sort by album:
First album: this isn't embarassing at all... 'N Sync, by 'N sync. ._.
Last album: Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! by hellogoodbye

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Let's Do This, I'm a Cashew - Dane Cook

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death - 45
Life - 114
Love - 331 (holy shit)
Hate - 20
You - 921 (...heh)
Sex - 28 (I do have TLC's album 'Crazy Sexy Cool' SO.)

Okay I'm done now. :)
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So, despite the overwhelming leaning of the poll towards FX, I've decided to go to Las Vegas with my parents for the tournament.
I actually did call them last night to tell them that I wasn't going... and just had this gut feeling of regret as soon as I'd done it. I feel good about the decision to call and say I'd like to go after all -- and I'm very glad the invitation was still open. :) So I think this is a good sign.

In other news, it's Free Music Fridays! (>.> Don't look at me, [ profile] barbed_whispers! haha)
Anyway, I decided to upload two Ingrid Michaelson songs today, partially for the benefit of [ profile] katilara (who I apologize to, because I won't be at that concert after all, heh):

Ingrid Michaelson - Masochist
Ingrid Michaelson - Far Away

If you like her, I definitely encourage buying her CD!
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So, thanks to [ profile] theemdash, I am celebrating Wizard Rock Day! I am not as familiar with Wizard Rock, but regardless, I love it. :)

For the record, my top ten favorite songs are mostly the songs that amuse me the most. And that could change in the next five seconds. Regardless, here's ten Wizard Rock songs I think you should all listen to, in no particular order:

1. The Passion - Lord of the Strings
My name is Voldemort, and I'm a superstar

2. Voldemort is Awesome - Draco and the Malfoys
and now those jerks are worried that you're coming back, yeah / they're afraid that you will attack, yeah / and I know you will totally unmercifully destroy all non-believers

3. Expecto Partonum - Remus and the Lupins
it starts with an 'E', stands for 'Evil, go Away!' / then an 'X' and a 'P' for puppies, they fight when they play! / then an 'E' and a 'C' and a 'T-O' for 'Oh my, this is easy!'

4. Alone on Valentines Day - The Remus Lupins
your silver bullet tongue is what did my heart in

5. Wizard Rock Heartthrob - The Whomping Willows
everyone knows that wizard rock girls are the prettiest girls in the whole wide world

6. Accio Love - Ministry of Magic
he smiles when she's not looking / he daydreams when she's not there / it won't be long 'til they discover / Ron and Hermione love each other

7. Krum's Song - The Hermione Crookshanks Experience
I don't want to be troublesome / but I can't love you Viktor Krum / there's nothing in your cranium

8. I Have Red Hair - Ginny and the Heartbreakers
I hold my head up high and I say beware / my name is Ginny / I have red hair

9. Pansy (You Are The Girl Of My Dreams) - Draco and the Malfoys
oh, Pansy / you are the girl of my dreams / 'cause all the other girls in Slytherin are fugly!

10. End of the Year Feast - DJ Luna Lovegood
and if I had my things / it wouldn't matter at all / I'd be sitting all alone in the Great Hall

I don't think it really counts as Wizard Rock, but if you haven't heard this song then you MUST, because it is possibly my favorite song in the entire UNIVERSE. And yes, I can sing the whole thing acapella. And yes, I do that occasionally. What can I say? I LOVE IT.
Tony Goldmark - Sirius Black Rap
Professor, Potter's not letting me represent for the Dark Side! / Potter, let Malfoy kick it old school or it's detention
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So. I want to listen to Avenue Q. I went to put it on? And realized that I don't have it anymore! What is up with that?

Is there anyone who can help me out? I reaaaaally want to listen to it. ::flail::

(I'm willing to trade music, if I have something that anyone wants... I have a lot of random stuff, so just ask.)
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Because [ profile] raven_annabelle requested it... more Jenny Owen Youngs...

From Here
Keys Out Lights On
Lightning Rod
Voice on Tape
Woodcut (Age of Rockets remix)
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I'm stealing [ profile] barbed_whispers thunder and putting up some music. Steal if you want. :)

- 30 Seconds to Mars - A Beautiful Lie
- Jenny Own Youngs - Fuck Was I
- Keane - Somewhere Only We Know
- Snow Patrol - Make This Go On Forever
- Snow Patrol - Run
- Snow Patrol - It's Beginning to Get to Me

and, because I am truly odd:

- Bo Bice - I Don't Wanna Be


Apr. 28th, 2004 08:19 pm
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This should have been the first thing I said to you, but I got distracted by pretty manga, I'm sorry ...


In other news ...

Now that I've calmed down enough to talk about it, Fake 7 was good. Not my favorite, however, which is sort of disappointing, but okay. It was still pretty, and not my least favorite by any means, so all is well. :)

I haven't read Demon Diary 7, yet. I was waiting for Laura to leave, because I felt bad reading while she was here ... I'll read it tonight. After Angel, maybe.

Started reading Magic's Promise last night.

On a music downloading kick again. So anyone who would like to rec some songs, this is the place to do it.

And I'm out.


Mar. 11th, 2004 10:47 pm
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Sorry for the useless spam; have I mentioned that I'm bored?

Lisa? I love you. O:)

Bowling For Soup // Life After Lisa - lyrics )
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I want to share these songs [because yes, I am a music freak, thanks] but I'm not entirely sure what this is going to do to my bandwidth, so these might not stay up for too long.

I have two Michelle Branch songs ... mostly for Nicole, so she can hear what I'm talking about with ABVH, but if anyone else hasn't heard her, you should download these. [Right click, Save Target As]

Michelle Branch - Something to Sleep To
Michelle Branch - You Get Me

And Melissa Etheridge, because if I ever pimp music without mentioning her the world will be going straight to a frozen hell:

Melissa Etheridge - Brave and Crazy [And yes, this is where I got my screenname from. If I ever feel like it, I may upload the song I got my lj name from.]

Melissa Etheridge - Enough of Me [It was very hard to decide which other song to put here. But I love this one ... a lot.]

And something from Ashtray Heart, because it is the funniest song ever:

Ashtray Heart - 2468 [You'll either love it or you'll hate it. I can't imagine an in-between.]

And if this doesn't destroy my bandwidth, I will be a very happy person. Hopefully someone will enjoy it, anyway. :)

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