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I didn't post yesterday. :/ I kind of suck? But I was enjoying my first real opportunity to spend time with [ profile] imthelobster in like.. I dunno.. a week? So I don't feel too badly about it, tbqh.

On that note, it is AMAZING to know that I'm on vacation right now!! Mostly we've just been sitting around doing nothing, and you know what? Sometimes that is all you need. Though we are going to do dinner tonight with [ profile] fluffymaru, which should be fun. :D

Goals for tomorrow: go to the gym, clean out my car, and possibly finish "The Keymaster" achievement.
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Urgh, I hate PvP. ([ profile] sffl I don't know how you do it)
At least, I hate it on my mage... I'm tempted to start taking my priest through and being all healy in BGs and see how I feel about that. But first... enough marks for my first war mount vbnjsnlkv. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHICH ONE I WILL GET! Either the horse or the kitty, but I can't decide.
HERE HELP ME: this or this?
Also I used to love Arathi Basin and now I hate it, whyyyyyyyyyyy. (But strangely enough, I like Warsong Gulch. DO NOT JUDGE ME.)

Okay. More PvP nao.
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My morning thus far:

* [ profile] buildyourwalls totally burned herself. You guys, I am not the person to have help you with injuries. I have nothing, I know nothing, I am useless.
* Watching the end of Love Actually. NFCNLKNLK THAT MOVIE MAKES ME HAPPY.
* Half-ass watching Donnie Darko. It's on in the background, and I've never seen it before. I really should actually watch it at some point, though. I have NO IDEA what it going on right now, heh.
* Working on Loremaster in WoW. Blegh. Getting bored, and kind of frustrated, with that.
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Why do I like such shitty television sometimes? LOL. I've been watching Dancing with the Stars, and I have no idea why. The dancing really is kind of sub-par haha. But whatever, it gives me something to watch in the background.

So, for the next three days, [ profile] imthelobster is opening at work, and I'm closing. :( I haaate days like that, especially when they come in stretches, because we basically don't see each other at all. I wish it didn't happen so freaking often. Sigh.
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ARGH I CAN'T WAIT FOR VACATION. hahaha. The closer it gets the more impatient I feel, though.

I don't like daylight savings. I feel all weird right now because the time isn't what it should be. >.> It gets dark so early!

Why does LJ still have Halloween art up? It is past Halloween. :/ It's the little things, people.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! I found Fade Out (by [ profile] rachelcaine♥) in B&N today! YAAAAY. I know how I'll be passing the boring hours at work tomorrow ;)


Nov. 1st, 2009 12:31 pm
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So, [ profile] barbed_whispers wants me to do National Blog Posting Month, where I post every day in the month of November. I still feel like my life is too boring for this, and I'm still not sure I'm committed to it 100%, but it seemed stupid to ruin my chances on the first day. SO.

NaNo starts today... I still feel slightly weird that I don't do it. I dunno. Good luck to everyone participating, though!

Okay, back to work now. Blegh.

Post from mobile portal
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If I did decide to do Blog 365 on my journal... and I'm not saying that I AM, but if I DID... I would do it by each day of the week having themes.
And I was just wondering peoples opinions on potential theme days.

Please pick seven or less, since there's only seven days in a week. :D

[Poll #1112614]

::runs off::
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Holy shit.

Blog 365.

Are people out of their minds?
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Note to self: when having to work in the morning, go to sleep. Srsly, what was I thinking last night? I am kind of an idiot. Heather's probably going to be like... 'you look dead' or something, and I'm going to agree by falling the hell over.

Just think: after today you won't have to put up with my nonsense posts on a daily basis! :D
...just, whenever I decide to post, ahaha. ::dies::

Aaaaand I may or may not actually post tonight, but whether I do or not? I've officially posted every day, even if only a little. I think I may disappear for a while now. heh.
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Work was busy tonight.
I'm kind of hungry.
FMA tomorrow!

Isn't this update exciting?

hahaha, no, srsly, though. That's... pretty much my day in a nutshell, right there. Go figure.

NaBloPoMo is almost over and, honestly, I'm glad, because this whole updating every day thing? Apparently isn't for me. My entries all seem so boring. ::shrugs:: OH WELL.
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I AM GOING INSANE!!! vdjksnvjkdnjbndfk

FIRST OF ALL. [ profile] imthelobster is living in Orlando now. like. WHUT?! yeaaaaaaah.

[ profile] butterflyvision and [ profile] frelianprincess are fucking insane. And... enablers. Like... whooooa.
This is occassionally a good thing, though. :DDD

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I got my first massage ever tonight.

Ohhh... my god. You guys. Just. Awesome. It was amazing. I definitely need to be doing that again.

Other than that... I dunno! Today was a good day. :)


ncvsdjv [ profile] imthelobster is going to be living in Florida TOMORROW.
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I'm sleepy. And the tiniest bit headachy. And also hungry.

...lot's of y's! heh.

I am also caught up on Pushing Daisies. WOO! So I think I'm actually caught up on all the tv I'm watching that's currently airing now... let's not talk about the multitude of things I'm watching otherwise, okay? :P
...Actually, I guess I'm not caught up, though, if you count Project Runway: Canada. Why did I start watching that as well as Project Runway? I really have no idea. heh. Damn tv.

Yeah, this was so very random, but I think I'm done now. I might have more later.
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So, I closed by myself for the first time tonight. Everything went excellently. :D AND, I have my own key now. I don't know why this is so exciting, but it really kind of is? (I'm lame. Whatever.)

Also, I am rocking it with the walk-in membership sales.

Okay, I am about to leave, but I also need to add real quick:
I have gotten to Liam. I do not like Liam. I think that I would hate Liam? Except that I know what true hatred is now, thanks to Jon, and so therefore I can tolerate Liam. See how that works?

::runs out::
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If [ profile] barbed_whispers is lying to me and Alanna and Jon end up getting married by the end of these books I am never forgiving her. Or anyone who has ever recommended them to me, ever.

I don't think she's lying, but I figured I'd throw that out there, just in case.

pee ess: I wish Jon would read the words in this icon and follow their instructions.

Have a nice day, everyone. :)
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Yesterday was pretty good, overall. Did the dinner thing at my dads place, went to see my mom for a little bit... and then [ profile] barbed_whispers and I went over to Clay's place (with only one minor detour on the way... heh) and hung out there for a while. I love that boy. Nothing exciting, overall, but hey. It's not always about excitement, right?

I hope everyone else had a nice Turkey Day, too. :)

Also: I am going to try and send out cards this year for the holidays. I haven't always been good at actually doing so, but... I would like to try. SO, if you'd like a card from me, please leave me your address! Comments are screened. And if you don't like leaving your address in a comment, even with screening, then you can also feel free to email it to me: bravexcrazy AT gmail DOT com.

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Work was just so weird today. o.O Like... I don't even know. Weird. I spent a long time talking to Heather tonight, though, which was pretty awesome.

Dude, y'all. [ profile] imthelobster is going to be living here in like... a week. or something. o.O That just seems so weird to me. A good thing, but weird. haha.

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I wasn't tagged for this, but I felt like doing it anyway, SO THERE! ::defies meme rules::

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next 4-7 sentences on your LJ along with these instructions.
5.Don'tyou dare dig for that "cool" or "intellectual" book in your closet! Iknow you were thinking about it! Just pick up whatever is closest(unless it's too troublesome to reach and is really heavy. Then go backto step 1).
6. Tag five people.

From In the Hand of the Goddess by Tamora Pierce:

er, actually, this is spoilery, heh, so I'll cut it. )
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..riiiiight, so remind me not to let Lisa update my journal for me again, kay? Kay.


Mario Galaxy continues to eat my brain, although it pissed me off a little tonight with this stupid level that I hate. HOWEVER, there is an EARTH BENDER IN THE GAME. Dude, how much more awesome could it be?! Pretty frickin' sweet.

Also, I am caught up on Tsubasa now! Or pretty much, anyway. I haven't looked at any of the raws, but I've read all the scanlations I could find. Yeaaaah, I can't believe I let myself fall behind ::facepalm:: wtf, self. (I'll probably just end up doing it again, but whatever, SOGOODOMG!)

I am sleepy.
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i like my men like i like my unicorns- imaginary and horny.

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