Nov. 1st, 2009 12:31 pm
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So, [ profile] barbed_whispers wants me to do National Blog Posting Month, where I post every day in the month of November. I still feel like my life is too boring for this, and I'm still not sure I'm committed to it 100%, but it seemed stupid to ruin my chances on the first day. SO.

NaNo starts today... I still feel slightly weird that I don't do it. I dunno. Good luck to everyone participating, though!

Okay, back to work now. Blegh.

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1. Had an awesome time last night, despite being made to get onto a stage and sing. :P I ♥ my friends. A lot.

2. I cut my hair! It is super short now, but I like it a lot. Almost everyone who's seen it agrees, so yay! It was a scary amount of hair on the ground when the cutting took place though, lol. ALSO ALSO I CAME TO A REALIZATION LAST NIGHT. When my hair isn't gel-ified and cute looking, I HAVE A PUFF. A JOHN GREEN PUFF. I REALLY, REALLY DO.

I am way more excited about this than I probably should be. :D :D :D

3. Have I mentioned that I am attempting NaNo again this year? I think I am probably very stupid, but that's how I roll. However, using google docs and writing at work helps a lot. I'm at 5013 currently, if you were wondering, and I haven't written a single word yet today, so. Woo for that?
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So, today begins National Blog Posting Month. Horray. :)

It begins NaNoWriMo too, of course, so GOOD LUCK to those of you on my flist participating!
I briefly considered being absolutely insane and attempting it again this year, but I think it would just be too much stress for me. And I think I'll hate myself less for not attempting than for attempting and failing. Actually, I know that's true, from experience unfortunately.

I spent all day today working with Halloween. Not fun. :( Thankfully, all of the BAD spider stuff is already gone, otherwise I wouldn't even have been able to, really. They wanted me to stay late, too, but there was no way I would have been able to get everything done no matter what, so I decided that was just a silly idea or something. I dunno.

Supernatural tonight! I'm nervous about it, though. D: It looks sufficiently creepy and DON'T WANT. But... booooooys. ::dies:: heh

I might have found a new rp to join. Something completely unrelated to anything I've done, and also completely free of anyone I know. I'm sort of nervous about it, but it's really tempting. I'm thinking about it, anyway. In some ways I really miss playing in a game atmosphere and in other ways I really don't, so I dunno.

Anyway, things are good. :)
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I am actually caught up and could potentially watch Heroes when it airs tonight. :O I am shocked and amazed at myself, heh. Whether or not I will, though... who knows?

We started to put out more Christmas stuff at work today. :) I know it's way too early, and I feel sort of dirty even thinking about it, but I am so excited, y'all. I mean... Christmas! I just can't help it. I've already started buying gifts, heh.

It would be a really, really, REALLY bad idea for me to attempt to do NaNo this year, right? Right? God help me, it really really would be.
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A general note to the public: please disregard that last entry. [ profile] barbed_whispers thinks she's funny, but she's actually not. :)

I had... a really, really good day today. Hung out with [ profile] fluffymaru. :D We went to some outlet mall, which was FAILURE, buuut we decided to head down to Downtown Disney after that. Well, the Village. Funny, 'cause I do Pleasure Island often enough, but we're always there when everything closes... anyway, so I hadn't done it in a while.

Man. I just... I LOVE Disney. I love living in Orlando, I love the theme parks, I love PI, I love the Village, I love... everything about it, really.

So we ate at Rainforest Cafe... which was really good, but omg, it was COLD! brrr. But, still, good food, so yay! Went to the Pin Traders.. >.> omg, I spent too much money there. There are a lot of REALLY nice pins out right now, though! Like... I could have easily bought so many more than I did. THE HALLOWEEN TINKER BELL IS SO MUCH LOVE!!!

Spent a good deal of time in Wide World of Disney, too. So many things that I wanted, and had to put back. ;_;

Anyway, I guess we didn't do anything overly exciting, but it was just... a really, really fun day, which is something I have't had in a little while, so yaaaaaay. :D Although now I am SERIOUSLY hard up for more Disney time... omg is it the 20th yet? MICKEY'S NOT-SO-SCARY, HERE I COME!

In other news: NaNo season is upon us once more. I really need to decide if I'm even going to attempt it this year. It's the third of October, and I haven't even been on the website yet. I feel very weird. :/
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So it's been a while since I've updated, especially with anything of importance.

Nano is going... going. I don't even know what my wordcount is write now, because I have a lot written out by hand that I'm in the middle of transcribing.

GoF was a great movie. I have nitpicks, but overall I really enjoyed it, and it's definitely my favorite of the movies now.

[ profile] hogwartsishome has eaten my soul, but especially [ profile] hihnow_playing.

..yeah, okay, so it's not like this post is important either, but now everyone knows I'm alive anyway.
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So, I have to do this eventually. Might as well be now.

I wasn't lying when I said that I decided not to participate in NaNo this year. That was totally my intention.
For the first time in four years, I wasn't writing immediately as the clock turned to midnight. I went the entire day of the first without writing anything.
Sat down at 2:30 in the morning November 2nd and started writing.

I haven't decided if I've made a mistake or not.

I also haven't decided if I want to let people read it just yet... Katie is, but she's doing nano too... and.. I don't know. It's like, pressure or something, when people are reading my nano novels as I'm writing them, because I *know* that it needs to be cleaned up, etc, but that's for later and... yeah. I'll add [almost] anyone on my friends list to my nano journal once November is over, though, if anyone would be interested in reading it then.

So... yeah. woo, nano.
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I lied. I'm not going to be doing NaNo this year. Certain things depressed me too much and I'm not sure that it's worth it, anyway.

Major luck to everyone on my flist who's going crazy and doing it, though. You guys are awesome. <3.
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I've been talking to [ profile] simplykatie this morning.
I... am going to do nano this year. Last year really depressed me, a lot, and I hate that I didn't finish and that I gave up and it makes me very angry at myself, honestly. But I won two years in a row before that, I know I can do this.

[On that note, though, let's not even talk about the disaster that was this morning. I'm fucking pissed at myself for it right now. ARGH.]

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