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Everyone go take this very important, very 'scientific' poll:

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There is an argument that I am having with [ profile] sky_was_green that clearly needs to be settled.

[Poll #1143348]


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Because [ profile] barbed_whispers yelled at me last night for not watching what she wanted me to watch, and because I'm almost out of Power Rangers episodes anyway (>.> shut up, IT'S MY CHILDHOOD, OKAY?!) and finally because today is poll day, I figured I'd poll about what I should be watching next:

[Poll #1117047]
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Okay. This isn't poll day, but I'm going to poll anyway, for it is VERY IMPORTANT.
I have two options for the last weekend in January: FX or Las Vegas.
The biggest pro for FX is that NATHAN FILLION IS GOING TO BE THERE. Which is just... I can't even.
The biggest pro for Las Vegas is that it would be totally and completely free for me.
The biggest CON for Las Vegas is that it would mean missing Ingrid's concert... which I already have a ticket to, and which is going to rock beyond the point of comprehension. AND Pin Trading Night, for that matter.
Also, even though I COULD go to Las Vegas again with the 'rents, this is pretty much my only possibility that I know of to go and participate in a Slot Tournament... (FOR FREE!)

And yet, still, I need a poll. I can't decide things for myself.

[Poll #1115056]
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If I did decide to do Blog 365 on my journal... and I'm not saying that I AM, but if I DID... I would do it by each day of the week having themes.
And I was just wondering peoples opinions on potential theme days.

Please pick seven or less, since there's only seven days in a week. :D

[Poll #1112614]

::runs off::
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You know what's aggravating? When I'm watching an episode of Heroes (finally catching up!) and the file decides to be a douche and refuse to play anymore five minutes before the ep is over. So now I have to go find a different download for it, and yeah, ANNOYING.

Also, I've been trying to decide whether or not I should watch ahead in Avatar. I've got through episode 3x09 sitting on my comp, but if I watch it and there's a cliffhanger or anything like that then I've got almost a month before seeing a new ep, since these aired early in the UK or something...
So let's go with the easy way to decide this, shall we? POLL TIME.

[Poll #1078734]

See how I like to get you guys to make my decisions for me? ;)

I'm going to see my mom later tonight. I'm kind of excited about it... I haven't seen her in a while. I am such a mommy girl. ::dies::
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Everyone go vote in this poll: link

The percentages are sad. :(
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Hey guys! Just in case you don't have [ profile] barbed_whispers friended...

If you could all head over here and take that poll, it would be AWESOME. :D
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[Poll #1012568]
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[Poll #986198]

In other news... finished reading the second book of Morganville Vampires tonight. SO MUCH LOVE. So many thoughts on that, which I might get around to posting... we'll see.

This means I'm going to start my reread of Harry Potter tomorrow. :D

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