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Just a few, quick things:

1) Being sick sucks. Being sick and having and having to go to work where I have to run around and sweat the whole time sucks even more, as it turns out.

2) Epass also sucks, as they are trying very hard to completely screw me over financially, and it took me an hour on the phone today to only barely keep that from happening. Ughhhhh. So glad I found a non-toll road route to work that only takes an extra 5 minutes, because seriously, so fucking sick of tolls. And money. Or, well, not having money.

3) No matter how hard I try to catch up on tv, I still always seem to be way behind.

4) Diablo 3 is freaking AWESOME!!!! I am completely in love with this game as of right now. You know, because I needed another game to lose my soul to >.>
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So, my dad was awesome enough to add me back to his various insurances at the start of this year. I've been trying to take advantage of that fact, which led me to the dentist. You guys, I have not seen a dentist in eight years -- do not let this happen to you! I feel like I have been living at the dentist the last couple weeks.

I just got home from my third appointment (two more to go!) and the right side of my mouth is extremely numb. It turns out that I require a lot of their numbing shit to work for me; like, they started with numbing my cheek so that they could inject the whatever into it, then they had to inject the other side too because apparently I have an extra nerve (wtf), and then they had to inject them again because it didn't numb it enough to start, and then halfway through they had to stop and put a numbing solution on my tooth directly because it didn't take enough. Seriously, so much shit!

The outcome though, is that the entire right side of my face cannot feel a thing. Like, I got home and immediately got water and I cannot even feel the cold of the water if I swish it around in my mouth. So weird!

Also my cheek and chin feel like they're about the size of a basketball. ALSO this all resulted in half of my tongue being numb and feeling swollen as well. Fun times! (I am not actually swollen -- it looks perfectly normal when I look in the mirror. Just feels soooo strange.)

I have to say though, I'm actually pretty lucky in my dentist. I've been seeing the same people since I was a little kid, it's mostly all the same people in the office, they are super nice, and they have freaky good memories, because they remember things about me and my childhood that have nothing to do with my dental history and it freaks me out. More importantly than that, though, they are competent and not scary and never make anything hurt, which is pleasant.

And I will never go eight years without seeing them again, because holy shit, five appointments to fix this shit. I mean, I know I just got finished saying I like these people, but I don't like them that much.
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My mom came over today to provide me with some motivation, and she and I just got done with a huge cleaning/organizing spree. I still had so much crap in boxes just sitting around the house, and now, finally, after more than a year of living here, no more boxes!
My books aren't really fully organized, just put up on the shelves, which is going to drive me absolutely bonkers, but I'll have to fix them later since right now I don't even want to think about organizing, haha.

Still, I'm really happy about this, because it looks more like we actually live here, instead of like we're perpetually moving. I can't wait for [ profile] imthelobster to get home from school and see the house :)

ETA: [ profile] barbed_whispers is a jerk who complained about my update being too boring, so I will include a bit of adorableness (WHICH IS WAY MORE ADORABLE THAN [ profile] barbed_whispers, OKAY?!):

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So today, our cat found her old lobster toy, which must have gone missing under the couch or something.

She is now carrying it around with her everywhere, and talking to it. It's pretty adorable.
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My nails are sparkly gold and pretty right now. I've become halfway obsessed with painting my nails... oops? It's good, though, because it keeps me from biting my nails, which is a habit I've needed to kick for a long time. My nails are long right now for the first time in a looooong time. :)

[ profile] imthelobster and I got our Christmas tree up! This makes me ridiculously happy, you don't even know. It has twinkly lights and the ornaments are really pretty, and it really does a lot to get me into the mood for this freaking month. Heh. I took pictures of it on my phone, so I may or may not try to post them up if I can figure out how to get them off my phone and onto my comp >.>
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ARGH I CAN'T WAIT FOR VACATION. hahaha. The closer it gets the more impatient I feel, though.

I don't like daylight savings. I feel all weird right now because the time isn't what it should be. >.> It gets dark so early!

Why does LJ still have Halloween art up? It is past Halloween. :/ It's the little things, people.

AND MOST IMPORTANTLY! I found Fade Out (by [ profile] rachelcaine♥) in B&N today! YAAAAY. I know how I'll be passing the boring hours at work tomorrow ;)
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I've been nudged to update!
This does not mean I have a clue what to update about.

So, a list:

+ The vacation to Vermont was amazing, and I want to go back so badly it isn't even funny. It was gorgeous up there, you guys.

+ I continue to work. A lot. With a boss I hate. I'm getting better and better about not letting this bother me.

+ I won't be able to go to FX this weekend, and I'm trying not to be upset about this.. and mostly succeeding. Mostly.

+ I'm trying to accept the fact that I might not be able to go to Dragon*Con, and mostly failing. See, I couldn't even type 'probably' there. I'm still trying to decide if I can wing it somehow, but I need to make a final decision, even if it's one I don't like, in the next couple weeks.

+ It's almost time for the open beta at Dreamwidth, and I am getting more and more excited!

+ This will keep [ profile] barbed_whispers from being able to nudge me for at least another two weeks. :)
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I just signed into aim express from work (shhh) and came to the immediate conclusion that I need to clean out my buddy list. I have people on there that I haven't talked to in years. Screennames I'm not even sure exist anymore, actually. heh.

But anyway, life is good!

I am (mostly) moved into the house with [ profile] barbed_whispers and [ profile] imthelobster, yaaaaay! I still need to unpack, and clean the apartment out, and etc yadda yadda boring, but... house! yay! AND the washer got hooked up today so I can ACTUALLY DO LAUNDRY, thank god.

PLUS PLUS PLUS. I am talking to [ profile] simplykatie right now WHO I HAVE MISSED TIMES A BAJILLION. <333 (I really should work on txting you more often... that, I could do. heh.)

Most important fact in my life at the current moment: right now, I am happy. :) (okay, so that's a sort of vague most important fact, since ACTUALLY the most important fact is WHY I am happy, but you know. Whatever works!)

Also, apparently I am bouncy and randomly hyper tonight. WHERE DID ALL THIS ENERGY COME FROM?
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So, in case anyone is thinking about moving?


Packing suuuuuucks. :( :( :(

(And I'm just going to do it again in two years or so. SIGH.)
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I've been really anti-social lately. I haven't entirely figured out why, but that's not really the point. Just wanted to drop a note saying that if it seems like I've been ignoring you, it doesn't really have anything to do with you at all. I'll get over it soon enough.
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Very little sleep + caffeine on an otherwise empty stomach = TERRIBLE MISTAKE.

Just in case anyone needed the update.

Also, I have a confession to make.

I am addicted to WoW. THERE. I ADMITTED IT.

But it is SO MUCH FUN omg. I feel like I'm going crazy. o.O
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I don't usually post about this, BUT.

I just did a friends cut... went from 78 friends, 79 comms, and 4 feeds to 64 friends, 41 comms, and 2 feeds. SO. No offense meant, but it'll help me actually keep up with lj, and maybe I can start actually commenting and such again. :)
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So, uh... the carbon monoxide alarm just went off in my apartment? o.O

Yeah, I don't know what to think about that.
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Am I the only one who never actually watched American Gladiators?

'Cause right now, I kind of feel like it.
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I AM GOING INSANE!!! vdjksnvjkdnjbndfk

FIRST OF ALL. [ profile] imthelobster is living in Orlando now. like. WHUT?! yeaaaaaaah.

[ profile] butterflyvision and [ profile] frelianprincess are fucking insane. And... enablers. Like... whooooa.
This is occassionally a good thing, though. :DDD

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I got my first massage ever tonight.

Ohhh... my god. You guys. Just. Awesome. It was amazing. I definitely need to be doing that again.

Other than that... I dunno! Today was a good day. :)


ncvsdjv [ profile] imthelobster is going to be living in Florida TOMORROW.
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I'm sleepy. And the tiniest bit headachy. And also hungry.

...lot's of y's! heh.

I am also caught up on Pushing Daisies. WOO! So I think I'm actually caught up on all the tv I'm watching that's currently airing now... let's not talk about the multitude of things I'm watching otherwise, okay? :P
...Actually, I guess I'm not caught up, though, if you count Project Runway: Canada. Why did I start watching that as well as Project Runway? I really have no idea. heh. Damn tv.

Yeah, this was so very random, but I think I'm done now. I might have more later.
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note to self:

the time change falling back and being a good thing, rather than that awful thing in the spring, does absolutely nothing for you if you are an idiot and stay up way past your bed time when you know you have to work early in the morning. okay? okay.

on the other hand, it was probably totally worth it. so.

::goes off to work, to fall over and DIE::
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I blame [ profile] theemdash, but hey, why not?

View my profile on NaBloPoMo

ETA: apparently that code isn't working exactly right for me, but WHATEVER. All the same, I am insane. heh.

We'll see.
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Is there anything, anything, that could be better than this video? Because I really don't think so.

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