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So, today begins National Blog Posting Month. Horray. :)

It begins NaNoWriMo too, of course, so GOOD LUCK to those of you on my flist participating!
I briefly considered being absolutely insane and attempting it again this year, but I think it would just be too much stress for me. And I think I'll hate myself less for not attempting than for attempting and failing. Actually, I know that's true, from experience unfortunately.

I spent all day today working with Halloween. Not fun. :( Thankfully, all of the BAD spider stuff is already gone, otherwise I wouldn't even have been able to, really. They wanted me to stay late, too, but there was no way I would have been able to get everything done no matter what, so I decided that was just a silly idea or something. I dunno.

Supernatural tonight! I'm nervous about it, though. D: It looks sufficiently creepy and DON'T WANT. But... booooooys. ::dies:: heh

I might have found a new rp to join. Something completely unrelated to anything I've done, and also completely free of anyone I know. I'm sort of nervous about it, but it's really tempting. I'm thinking about it, anyway. In some ways I really miss playing in a game atmosphere and in other ways I really don't, so I dunno.

Anyway, things are good. :)
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I have been having too much fun reading [ profile] bad_rpers_suck the past couple of days. Oh, rp drama nonsense. heh.
(Though sometimes I miss rping in an actual, active, large game. Go figure.)

Work was sort of insane today. Day before Halloween nonsense and everyone wanting candy or whatever.

Dear People:

If you do not have your costume yet, pls to not be going to Target. We have nothing left. You are screwed.


HOWEVER, one of the funniest things ever happened at work today.
So, I was standing up at the desk waiting to clock back in from lunch, and N is directing this guy into the breakroom to wait for someone to come and do his interview. So he starts to walk in that direction, N turns away for a minute, and then goes "Wow, that guy was really cute" -- only to realize two seconds later that he had walked BACK out to ask a question.
WE ALL DIED LAUGHING. Oh, it was great. She was just like... "Right, I'm going to go hide for a million years" hahaha. Oh, timing. ::dies::

pee ess: music coming up soon, it's currently uploading. :)
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Sending some love out to [ profile] marsterslady, who is a total and complete sweetheart. Thank you. <333

My week has been... less than stellar. Mostly because I've been sick since... Sunday? Maybe late Saturday. I don't remember. It was really bad on Monday, and I had to leave work early. Like... I could barely stand. I'm feeling better today, thank god, but yeah. It probably has something to do with the nyquil I used to knock myself out. heh.

Some random things going on to upset me, too. Not really wishing to discuss it, though, since it's pretty much all over with now, and I'm really sick of getting upset over things, sooo yeah.

ANYWAY. This here is mostly for the benefit of [ profile] sky_was_green, who I'm sure won't be too surprised:

Lisa: who'd you kill for the heart?
i hope it was someone good...
Ashley: Aren.
Lisa: ...
she had a heart?
Ashley: well, why did you think it looked so funny?
Lisa: hahaha

She does make such a nice scapegoat. :)

I probably had other things to talk about, but I don't really feel like it, so whatever.

Happy VDay everyone!
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You can ignore this if you're not in the rp. :)

Erised Timeline )
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WOW today has been one hell of an interesting day.



I <3 JACON. Really. Really. ::keeps saying it:: ::even means it most of the time::

I <3 [ profile] np_hogwarts, too. REALLY. (Thank god I can mean that seriously now, because I certainly wasn't earlier, but yeah, I really do.)

Also, just a note... [ profile] barbed_whispers, [ profile] fluffymaru, and [ profile] raven_annabelle... I love you three. A lot. Don't know what I'd do without you.
..and that's it for my bit of sappiness, so take it while you can. XP

::goes to bed::
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So. [ profile] barbed_whispers nudged me, so I guess I should post.

Even though I have no idea what to post about. Right then.

Life is... going on as usual? I go to work, either have a good time or don't, come home and get on the computer, and occassionally hang out with people just to be different. [ profile] takarakanashi came over on Tuesday, which was fun, and then [ profile] fluffymaru and I hung out yesterday and today, which is always fun and doesn't happen nearly often enough anymore. :(

Yeah anyway. See, this is why I don't update. I always think I have something interesting to talk about, but I really don't.

Yes, I'm still obsessed with that rp [[ profile] np_hogwarts] and the people I know through it [<3 to [ profile] drunkoncheese] and that's okay.

I very much love [ profile] bjt_fan, too. <333333333 yeah, that comm ROCKS.

JACON is close. ndjvbfjdsn.

And I'm broke again. ::facepalm:: WHATEVER, BANK, WHATEVER.

...cosplay plans still in the works, though. haha, wow, I kind of suck. List soon-ish? Maybe. WHATEVER.

Okay I posted. So Lis can STFU. woo.

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