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My life, you guys.

Hokay, so, let's go over my day yesterday:

I woke up and played WoW. Dinged 79. >.> Best part of my day rofl.

Had to work from 3-6 for a coworker... mind, not getting paid overtime (which those hours were) which, uhm... sucks. Yep, that's the word I'm going for. >:|

So okay, whatever. Finished at work and went to the work Christmas party. Woo? It was okay... about what you'd expect from a work party, lol. But there was a lot of food, so that was okay. We played a gift exchange game and I left with a $10 gift card to panera (and [ profile] imthelobster got a $10 gift card to barnes & noble) so that worked. Also got a gift from the clinic... another panera gift card and a target gift card. Worth going to the party :P


Left the party and was driving home... and my tire blew out on the 408. vdbjsknvjks. I'm okay, the car is fine (other than, obviously, the tire) and I managed to get off the road and into the median without any further incident... but it freaked me RIGHT the fuck out. Yeah. I kind of panicked for a little. :/

So I call [ profile] imthelobster and have her turn around and come back to me, and discover that my AAA membership had expired... uh, oops? Call her aunt to see if she could put on my donut (lord knows I have no idea how to do it) and so she comes out, cause she's awesome, only to inform me that one of my lug nuts is broken and a bolt is stuck or... something to that extent? In any case, tire can't be taken off without tools that she does not have. EXCELLENT.

Cue having to call someone else to use his AAA membership to call a tow truck out. Thank god people are nice and come to help, huh? So we wait around for a two truck, it finally comes, gets my car on fine and drives away...

And [ profile] imthelobster's car won't start. W.T.F. Neither car still sitting there had jumper cables in the car. So we run to Wal*Mart to get freaking jumper cables, while the tow truck guy is calling bitching at me about why aren't we following and I'm wasting his money and OMG dude, I seriously did not ask the car to NOT START WTF.

Ugh, at least her car started without any real trouble, so we finally get going, get my car towed to a Meineke, and get freaking HOME to we can pass out.

Cue today... I woke up early so I could call my dad to hopefully help me out. Meineke took close to SIX. HOURS. to replace a freaking tire. Six hours! Granted they did a little bit of other work, too, but it was the tire we were waiting on. Apparently they had to order it from somewhere and have a truck bring it over. So I was late to work by about 2 hours... just a few days before christmas, which they SOOO appreciated.

I feel so ridiculous right now.
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I am really, really sick of people assuming that I can't be friends with someone just because I'm friends with them. I'm not some damn ulterior motive, and I'm not some damn person who just follows people around without my own opinions. I am my own fucking person, and my friends are my friends BECAUSE THEY ARE MY FRIENDS, and I swear to god I'm going to develop some sort of complex if people don't stop thinking that people can't be friends with me just because I am ME, because seriously... wtf is that shit?

bvfdjk. ughhh.
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Sometimes I seriously think I need a brain transfusion or something. wtf, self. just... wtf.


I have a lot of thoughts on the recent lj drama, and a lot of them probably not what most people would expect, but mostly I'm sick of reading about (so why I'm saying something, I don't know.)
Here's what I DO know:
[ profile] pornish_pixies is back! I had taken it off of my flist a while ago, but I now feel this overwhelming need to go and reread some of the stuff I used to love. So I think I'm going to. :D

(I need to re-tag my journal. Not that anyone cares, but it's annoying me.)

OMG so. I got my time off request approved today... meaning that I'm going up to NJ to meet up with [ profile] barbed_whispers and drive back down with her at which point she will be LIVING HERE. You guys... that is seriously less than a month away at this point. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO TELL YOU ALL HOW THIS MAKES ME FEEL.
(pee ess: Lisa, I need to talk about a couple things with you. weeeeeeee.)

For those of you that haven't heard: More info on the HP theme park! How much do I love living in Orlando? SERIOUSLY. (There's a minor minor spoiler-ish type thing on page two of the article for Deathly Hallows... but honestly, I'm spoiler-phobic and it wasn't something that bothered me/that I didn't already know, so take that how you will.)

Work has been fucking CRAZY this week. Just... insane, I don't even know. It feels like we've been behind all week, and I've had to stay late pretty much every day... which means I'll get to leave early tomorrow and/or Saturday, though, so I guess that's good? On Sunday, though, I have to go in at FIVE AM. Ugh. Uuuugh.
OH OH BUT. I got randomly happy, because one of the AP (Assets Protection) guys has been going around quizzing everyone on safeness vs. safety, since we're going to be having a HUGE visit soon (the VP of the company for AP, wtf) and they'll be going around asking people... so when I answered his questions he was like "Do you know you're the first person out of about a HUNDRED that I've asked that hit all the main points on the first try? Thank you. Just... thank you." And I was like, YEAH I KIND OF WIN. heh.

Hmmm. I guess that's about all I have right now...

(I'll close this by saying this:
I really love some people and I'd really love to punt some others in the fucking face.
Was that vague enough for recent events? Yeah. wtf.)
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my apartment is the cleanest it's been since I moved in.

I should take pictures or something.

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Dear Livejournal:

I have set my viewing option to XColibur. I want to keep it that way.


Very little love,

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OKAY quick update.

At the public library today instead of the school one... it's not letting me on AIM Express, though, which fails. I can get on Windows Live Messenger, though, which is cool... on the whole, though, I hate the public library even more than the school library. Ugh.

Started watching Supernatural... ::facepalm:: I am hooked! I WANT MOOORE, PRECIOUS, MOOOREE.... >.>
Oh, Dean, how I love you so.
and I want icons, but I don't want to go looking for them because I don't want to spoil myself! My life is tragic, truly.

Ummm. I don't even know what to update about. My computer situation doesn't seem to be getting any better.

So I guess that's it!
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Quick update before I have to leave the Library for class...

* Going to moms tonight. Will collect Windows Disk. Will reinstall Windows. Will hopefully have computer again.

* Math SUCKS. Okay, seriously. I was up FOREVER last night doing math. And today during lunch break. Am I done? No, of course not. ::stabs things::

* Had the most awesome conversation last night EVER with [ profile] barbed_whispers and [ profile] simplykatie. Everyone should know: onions are poisoned. If you eat them, you'll die within 20 minutes. ::/PSA::

* In light of the most awesome conversation EVER, my phone service decided to turn off today. FUN! Of the not-so-much variety. I think I can still receive calls, so you can try if you need me, but otherwise it's gone until either Friday or Saturday. So hopefully I can get my computer back up tonight, or I will be without any way to communicate to the outside world...

* I finished the Coldfire Trilogy! OMG SO GOOOOOD. SO, SO GOOD. fnjknbklfdbnlk. I want to write about it. I don't have time right now.

* For the record: work sucks. had a HORRIBLE day today, tomorrow is not looking to be much better. What is up with my week??

* What's REALLY funny, is that despite all the bad shit going on this week? I am in a surprisingly good mood. So YAAY for that, at least!

ETA: haha, I just realized that those last two things look so contradictory. BUT THEY ARE BOTH TRUE. okay. ::runs away to freakin' math now::
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SO. My computer died.

It has taken all of my willpower not to put my fist through the screen, or throw it out of my third story window, or something.

Am trying to get it fixed/get new computer as soon as I can... but I have no idea how long "as soon as I can" will be, really. :(

Am going to be on library computers like crazy, though. Bah.

Much ♥ to [ profile] imthelobster and [ profile] elleren for trying to help me, though.

(Hey... good excuse for a new comp? ::sigh::)
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It's kind of funny the things that you see that can make you go "WHAT?!" and get you all upset sometimes, isn't it?


Registration still down... but at least they put an ETA on it this time. Monday, 8am... I might make an effort to get to the library before work on Monday, but more likely I'll wait until after work.

I still hate not having the internet in my apartment... and I can't get on AIM Express here for some reason, which SUCKS because there's a couple people I would really like to talk to, grrr.

Also, I am bored out of my MIND. Someone should entertain me, seriously. :/ :/
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So a con report is kind of unnecessary, since I was barely even at the con, but whatever. Here's what I've been doing the past few days?! heh.

I guess I should cut this, it is kind of long... )

Anyway, yeah, Dragon*Con stuff will be heating up, now, and I'm really kind of looking forward to that. I'll be pulling my new sewing machine out of the box for the first time here soon, and I can't wait! :D :D :D

ALSO. Casey sucks at Ninja Gaiden! hahaha (I'm kidding, Casey. :P )

Okay, it's starting to storm pretty bad, and we might lose power, so I'm going to post this before it all disappears on me, because that would SUCK.
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So... right. Okay.

1. [ profile] imthelobster has come and gone... we had an awesome time, even if I did have to work the majority of the time she was here. ♥

2. I have a newfound hatred for Best Buy... stupid fucking assholes. Their signage warning of wet paint? Pretty much non-existant. Ruined shirt... check. Ruined shirt that was a GIFT... yeah, check. I am really fucking not pleased. vjkfbkf

3. [ profile] barbed_whispers is a horrid skank, but not so bad as [ profile] sky_was_green.

4. Not having the internet SUCKED, and I am glad to be able to get onto it once more, even if it is internet explorer instead of firefox, which is lame. Don't know how much I'll be able to get on before I move, but... hey. At least it's here. Also have a cell phone again, thank god... a new one, actually. This one, to be specific.

5. I have a lot of stuff to update about, but I obviously don't feel like doing so at the moment, which means I probably never will, but we shall just have to get over this, hey?
athra: ([misc] bananas) mom packed my poetry books when I wasn't paying attention and so didn't see to ask her to leave them out.


man I HATE moving.

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I went to bed early last night, because I was so tired, and then my fucking body woke me up at 5:30 in the goddamn morning, and I couldn't go back to bed...

and I'm still so exhausted. I feel like I'm going to fall asleep at my computer, but I'm trying to stay awake for House, at the very least.

(I'm running a fever right now, which explains things, and also? Really fucking sucks.)
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Wow, so I fail at updating lately, huh?
Not much has been going on, though, other than the same usual stuff. Been watching Fushugi Yuugi with Nicole... want to see the reeeest.

And! I get to meet [ profile] takarakanashi for the first time next Tuesday, and I am so excited. And we were talking today, and we shared what scares us most in the Disney theme parks. So, I was wondering. What scares you guys? haha, I'm totally serious, I want to know! So comment and tell me.
For the record, for me it's Small World. Yes. CREEPY. Better than it used to be after rennovations, but still.

In other news, happy birthday [ profile] mercurial_kel! I ♥ you!
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Took a shift at work this morning a few days ago. Christy told me last night they might not need me after all. Woke up. Called in. She said they did. Went in to work. Worked for an hour, was told to go home.

So. Fucking. Tired. But I saw Carol, said goodbye. And talked with the new Team Lead for more than five seconds. I don't know how I feel about her yet. She seems okay. I guess.

Anyway, I'm pissed off right now. Not because of work, for once. Though I think it was kind of crappy this morning, but eh, I'm not mad over it [surprisingly]. But yeah, I'm fucking angry. I can't really say why, since I told someone I wouldn't. But to be as vaguely blunt as possible: some people need to back the fuck off. I'm over this bullshit. ::restrains self from ranting further::

Clay's going to come over tomorrow. :o haha, if it actually happens this time, I suppose. le sigh. But he'll cook for me. <333 mmm, food. But all of this means that I should clean my room. SIGH. I don't want to do that.

...but I will. But not right now. In fact, right now, I think I'm going to go back to sleep for a little while, since no one is awake anyway, THE LOSERS.
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