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So, I made that blog that I was talking about making in my last post. After some discussion with [ profile] imthelobster, I didn't actually buy a domain, but am just hosting it on Wordpress for the moment. If I actually keep up with it, I'll get the domain later (I did settle on a name I would want for it, anyway) and just figure out how to integrate Wordpress into it, which should be loads of fun! Anyway, it's here if you're interested.

idk, but to be honest even if no one reads it ever, I think it's good for me. It's a small step, but it's a step towards feeling creative again. I haven't felt that way in a long time, and I miss it.

Which, on that note, I actually wrote something the other morning. Fictional something, I mean. It's short, incomplete, probably wildly stupid, and full of ashley-and-lisa-have-brains-on-crack, BUT none of that is the point. The point is that I wrote something, and it felt good. I might even continue to work on it, even if [ profile] barbed_whispers is the only one who would find it interesting hahaha.

I've been taking a step back from playing WoW for the last week, two weeks, or so. I'm not quitting the game entirely by any means, but just separating myself from it a little bit. I'll be honest, it mostly started because of [ profile] imthelobster, but it has been really good for me, I think. I've been feeling a lot better about life in general for the last couple weeks. To be clear, I don't think that WoW was causing my depression, but I do believe now that it was enabling it to some extent. I've changed a few other things, too, so it's not the only fix, but it's been one of them, and yeah, it's been good. I feel a bit more a part of the world than I have in a while, which is strange, but nice.

Work has been better, too. I can't decide if it's better because I've been more relaxed and happy, or if I'm more relaxed and happy partly because it's better. I guess it doesn't really matter which one, because the point is, both things are true! I still hate the hours, a lot, but at least I'm not hating the job itself nearly as much, which is a huge step up, so I'll take it.

On a final note: one other change that has been happening is the way that I eat (again, mostly facilitated by [ profile] imthelobster). It's not a diet, really, just a watching portions / type of food you eat, kind of a thing. I'm still eating the things I like, just being a bit smarter about it. I still have a long way to go in that regard, since I tend to have very little willpower when it comes to food (or most anything, if I'm being honest), BUT small steps. And I have lost about 5 pounds or so, so yay for that!
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Other than [ profile] barbed_whispers hacking my journal, it's been more than a month since I posted... though I guess that isn't overly unusual for me anymore. So let's do a check up on my life, I know you're all SO interested!

1) Work
The new job is going pretty well. I'm slowly securing my place there more and more, and everyone seems to like me and the work I do. The office itself is still in transition, however, and there's a lot of turnover at the moment, which is nerve-wracking. However, I figure I'll just do the best I can and go from there, since that's about all I have to offer.

We negotiated a salary for myself, which was strange for me as I've never done that before. But it was nice, too, because I was able to get in the range I wanted, and go there 5 days a week and leave Bubba Gump. That was a little sad for me, partly because I honestly loved that job, and partly because of the awesome discount on Universal merchandise, but it was the best decision for me (and my sanity) overall, so I'm pleased with that.

2) Fun Things
Speaking of that awesome Universal discount, I totally went into IOA my second-to-last day at Bubba Gump, and spent way too much money on Harry Potter merch. >.> But I got a hoodie that I love, a shirt for [ profile] imthelobster, and a couple keychains and misc things. ♥

On Sunday, [ profile] imthelobster and I actually had some rare time to be able to spend together, so we ended up going out to Wekiva Springs for a few hours, which was soooo nice. I haven't been out there in ages, but it was awesome to be able to just relax in the water and spend some time together and whatnot.... even if the dragonflies WERE trying to eat our faces off!

3) TV
MERLIN IS BACK MERLIN IS BACK MERLIN IS BACK!!! omg you guys I cannot even TELL you how much I love this ridiculous show ♥ ♥ ♥

And in sillier news, I have totally and completely gotten addicted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which is totally [ profile] barbed_whispers fault >.> I have been marathoning it like crazy, and I REGRET NOTHING.

The only new show I've picked up this season is Ringer, which... honestly is pretty bad, but then somehow I keep watching it. Don't ask me to explain why, because idek. Other than that I'm watching Castle still, OF COURSE, along with Glee, and How I Met Your Mother. We're working on catching up with Fringe, and then Bones starts next month... we're also still doing our re-watch of SG-1, which will eventually translate into watching Atlantis and Universe. AND I still need to/want to actually start on Dr. Who.

....somehow I always end up watching more TV than I think I do o.O
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I got my first ever tattoo today! I am SUPER, SUPER, SUPER pleased with it!

Cut for pic / storytime )
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I started to post an entry that was entirely wow-related, but really, almost no one on my flist gets it. So instead:

a small rant will go under this cut text )


So, [ profile] elleren arrives tomorrow. For those of you that don't know, that's [ profile] imthelobster's dad. Ahh! I keep thinking that the house is not nearly ready enough :( Which is probably dumb, but WHATEVS I am allowed to be worried about this sort of thing!
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My mom has been very upset that it is, apparently, 'blizzarding' in Ohio. I have no idea what her idea of a blizzard is, but thankfully, as [ profile] imthelobster and I do not live in Canada (:P haha) I do not have to worry about snow! :D However, it is cooling down quite nicely and I'm enjoying that. <3

You guys. I'm feeling all... ugh. I want to paint! The walls! Like a real home or something! And decorate. And... and. What is up with that? Silly.

I am ♥ing Wrath of the Lich King so far. It's slightly annoying how crowded everything is, but... whatevs. I wish I wasn't at work so I could be playing. :( sad times.

Other random things: I still don't like the new user info but I'm getting somewhat used to it, and I tweaked my journal a little bit today... probably not done tweaking, but it's something, for now.
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Okay, so this was awesome enough that I have to post about it.

I was having a sort of in-between day today. Just... a day, nothing really special. Aaaanyway, I went on break at work, and came back... exceptionally annoyed. Kind of ridiculously so, actually, considering what it was that annoyed me... which isn't the important part.

So I logged onto GTalk (like usual... heh. work? what's that?) and IMed [ profile] marilla82, and she asked if I wanted her to bring me dinner, or chai, or a cute boy. Thinking she was joking, of course, I was like "haha, a chai actually sounds best out of those options."

This leads to her actually driving across town, buying me a chai, and bringing it to my workplace. And then, as an EXTRA SPECIAL surprise, she has a [ profile] katilara in the passenger seat with her, who apparently decided that driving across town for all of twenty minutes of hang out time sounded like a good plan. !!!!!

This seriously made my life. Hung out for a little bit at work (again... work?! who does that?!) and chatted and... oh man, it just cheered me up SO MUCH. You two, really, I appreciate it TONS and omg I love you both like mad right now.

So basically: my friends are spectacular. :D :D
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First of all: I am really exhausted right now. That seems like almost a constant shape for me the past little while.

Other than that, though... I really love my life right now. I just wanted to throw that out there, because I am in such a good mood despite being so tired, and I'm just... happy. So I wanted to post it and let everyone know that I really am, right now, and so that I'll remember how I feel, right now, at some point when I'm not so happy.

Strange, too. I'm tired, I'm so poor this week (my own fault), and there's some stupid shit going on at work, but just... I don't know. Life is good.
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[ profile] theemdash: Let's be honest, I wouldn't kill McKay while he was fingering me that hard.

I don't think anything else needs to be said about tonight. :)
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The plan to drink every drop of liquor in our apartment? Yeah, that didn't work so well.

The plan to get really drunk? That did... although we started a little early, but oh well. I am never, ever going back and listening to those voice posts. That could only end in badness.

Plus, now we have liquor left for our "Everyone Screw Up Your Resolutions Party!" next week. :D (This works, since [ profile] barbed_whispers and I decided that our resolution was to give up liquor. Oh, and soda. YEAH.)

Anyway, thanks to [ profile] barbed_whispers and [ profile] imthelobster for a pretty fun night, overall. :)

Also, I think I am attempting this Blog 365 thing. I made a profile here, even though it's doubtful I'll use it, since I do all my posting here and such.

Based on the top answeres in my poll, this is what I've decided:

Monday: Poll Day
Tuesday: Fun Website Day
Wednesday: Random Writing Day and/or Icon Day
Thursday: Photo Day
Friday: Free Music Day
Saturday: Comic Strip Day
Sunday: Quote Day

I cut out the random things about my day, because I think I've decided that these themes will only be for if I don't have anything to post about. So like... inspiration, or something. heh. Or whatever works. Anyway, we'll see how long it lasts.
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I should probably take the time between my two shifts to post for today, heh.

I think I actually feel like posting today, too, which, whoa...

so let's cut this bitch. )

OH PEE ESS: COVER ART FOR FEAST OF FOOLS!!! You can see it here. Mmm.
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What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

I'm home safe, guys. :)
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So, Wizard Rock was awesome. Also, one of the guys (the bass player, I believe) was so ridiculously cute. And that makes me feel like a perv, because I'm pretty sure he was like 16 or something. ::dies:: (Alas, I can't find a picture of him. Boooo!)

But it was definitely fun. Especially messing with [ profile] theemdash all night. hehehe. What? I'm totally nice to my friends.
That, and the other best part was standing in the back with Lisa and writing Sirius/Whomping Willow fic in our brains. It totally works, you guys.

Anyway, total geeky fun, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

In other news, today is my only day off of work this week and thank god it is. I totally need it. So hopefully when I go back tomorrow I won't be wanting to kill people or anything. It's just so busy in there, because of Back to School, and that seems to equal everyone being even more moronic than usual. I didn't know that was even possible. Well, I guess I did, but I didn't want to believe it. D:

Pin event soon. I'm getting excited. :D :D
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So... I suppose it's about time I update about this, heh.

I'm leaving later today (!!!) to go up to New Jersey to meet [ profile] barbed_whispers family... and then drive back down with her, at which point she will be MOVING IN. :D :D :D

You guys. I can't even. This is so exciting.

Anyway, this is just an announcement to let everyone know that I'll be gone until next Wednesday. :D See you all then!

[Ignore the incorrect timing on the icon, haha]
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I got a call from Clay today. You know, I really love him. And the fact that I still get random phone calls from him, even though we haven't talked in a long time... and the fact that it's just the same as though we talked yesterday. Yeah.

Randomly, I am missing the last nine books of the Animorphs series, and suddenly this depresses me. I WANT TO OWN THEM, WTF. ::sad:: ::uses an Animorphs icon just because::
So, if anyone owns 46-54, and wants to get rid of them? ...I could help you out with that. heh.

Had fun at the pin trading event yesterday! Woooo. ♥ Disney.

ummmm. hmm. I guess that's pretty much it for now.
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Okay, so I should be in bed, but I have to share this.

Hakkai's power? Comes from beans.
Beans, beans, the magical fruit...

in other news, I ♥ [ profile] theemdash and much fun was had today, as well as much, much watching of things. Also some making fun of doujin, which was amusing, and some drooling over Saiyuki artbooks.

All in all an excellent day. :D
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I always THINK about opening up Semagic and making an actual update, and I never seem to get around to it. So I'm going to try to actually do it this time!

Fannish out of the way first:

Okay. So not only am I getting a new HARRY POTTER OMG (BOOK AND MOVIE!), but the new Weather Warden book comes out, the new ABVH book comes out (which, I know, I KNOW it's going to suck, but it's EDWARD and dammit, I can't help but hope at least a LITTLE wtf) AND. AND AND. There's going to be a special issue ABVH comic about the first time Anita met Jean-Claude! vbsdjkvbdfbnjnJHBHBCHGBK WEEEEEEEE!! omg that excites me to NO END.
Could this summer be any better for fandom?

ALSO. The Buffy Season 8 comic -- The Long Way Home -- is AWESOME. At least, the first issue was. omg I LOVED IT. LOOOOOVED.
And I have seriously missed Buffy. Like... whoa. HELLO MY WONDERFUL ORIGINAL FANDOM I LOVE YOU TO PIECES. (I want to upload some new Buffy icons now vbjvbjkdfbj. I think my icons might need to have a makeover.)
I believe Lisa and I are planning a major Buffy marathon after she moves in. It will be AMAZING. and cracktastic, but that's amazing, too. XD

Okay, and in other news, but still fannish news... I have become addicted to a new series. ::facepalm:: It's all Nicole's fault!
But yeah, Criminal Minds? Is AWESOME. And I am more than a little in love with Reid. D:

Work is going... okay. haha, these super annoying girls on my team got bitched out today, which was really kind of amazing. XD TAKE THAT, LOSERS.

Yeah, see? I'm losing my will to update. :/


I? Am going to Japan. Yes. In like... whoa. SO SOON. April 2nd we leave.
It's all kind of amazing and I'm terribly excited, though I still find it hard to believe it's true and I will probably continue to feel this way until I've been in Tokyo for a couple days, haha. but, basically? I have the best friends in existance. ♥ to Nicole and Casey, yes.

Well, I still came closer to a real update than I have in a while? heh.
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[ profile] barbed_whispers is gone. :(
We did actually hate each other -- but the same way that we've always hated each other, so it pretty much went entirely awesomely.
Let's see, what did we do... we definitely DIDN'T visit about twelve bookstores... yeah, definitely not... >.>
We played a lot of Mario Party with [ profile] fluffymaru, we shopped at The Village, completely failed at PI... beat up on each other a lot. Heh.
We watched Buffy! How could we NOT when we met up for the first time? The Wish... and some Veronice Mars (ep 18 and the alterna prom). And TWO WHOLE SEASONS OF AVATAR, ahahahaha. Which was awesome.
I dunno, it was pretty amazing, and I admit it -- I was sad when she left today. Even if she IS a dirty rotten cheater! (♥)


Work! Okay so I went back into work tonight... it was SLOW AS SHIT, though. Like... wtf. I was actually done in girls before the store closed, so I went over to body wear to help out Nina, and was done with THAT about five minutes after we closed... went to the Infant Gondolas and got those done, and then we actually super-zoned most of softlines before heading over to food, where softlines and hardlines together did TEN FREAKIN' AISLES for them. Seriously, wtf. But we were still out by 10:30, so our store was pretty well DEAD tonight.

BUT. So work called me at 9:30 this morning and woke me up, right? I was actually pretty annoyed by it... and she was asking me if I could come in from 10-1 tomorrow for some meeting thing... and I was basically just like "YEP SURE BYE" and I rolled over and fell back asleep and didn't think about it... well, when I went into work tonight I ran into Michael, and he apologized for not realizing that I worked tonight and blah blah, and THEN he tells me that tomorrow is a mini-orientation for a new team that he's creating and wants me in on.

I don't know a lot of details yet, since obviously I haven't been to the thing tomorrow (heh) but it's basically an out-of-stock and research team, from what he told me... five days a week, 40 hours, WOOHOOO! And it's all mornings (7-330) so that's pretty awesome, toooo. I'm excited! :D And I'm SO GLAD that I moved to the sales floor when I did, because I don't think he would have grabbed me for his team otherwise, heh. But yes. eee!

I think that's basically it from me. :D
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I hate Lisa already.

and by that, i mean i cant wait to cuddle because she is THE BEST EVER



ewwww, why would I hump THAT?!

WHY NOT?????????

because you're skankyyyy

so's your faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace!

and your mooooom


no cuddling without groping. >:|



it could be worse- i could be aren

yeaaaah, aren is the skankiest skank to ever skank

and now you're spinning around the apartment like a 4 year old ahahaha

... >:|

::wins!:: i am going to bitchslap ashley into next week and then i won't be here anymore!! also, a funny feeling is coming over her.

you guys. if you're still reading this. I hate lisa. If someone finds her with her head smashed in, like Lily Kane? YOU DON'T NEED VERONICA MARS. IT WAS MEEEEEEEE.

first of all, SHE IS A LIAR. second of all, it probably won't be my movie star bf, so yeah, ashley.

Logan is hotter anyway. BUT HE WOULD LOVE ME, NOT YOU.
...hahahahaha ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE GOING TO READ THIS. ::diesssss::

like you have any friends!



I have YOU, bitch

your mom paid me to come hang out with you

did she pay you to move here, too?



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okay so

My grandparents were in town for Christmas? Which I guess I was dreaming since I'm sad that they won't be coming this year, for the first time in like four or five years... but ANYWAY

they were in my apartment for some reason, and I was wrapping gifts, and I kept telling them that they COULDN'T LOOK or they would know what the gifts were! and RUIN THE SURPRISE. But like, not just theirs... EVERYONE'S.

And then I was wrapping Nicole's gifts... and, like, I had bought EVERYONE a ridiculous amount of gifts in my dream? so it's taking me FOREVER. And then... I have a cell phone for her (YEAH I DON'T KNOW WHY) and I'm trying to wrap the cell phone, and I CAN'T because I don't have a cell phone shaped box. So I just start like... crying, and my grandma is like "it's okay, it's okay." I'm freaking out because I don't have a damn cell phone shaped box and I'm telling her that Nicole's going to be here in like TWO MINUTES and it HAS TO BE WRAPPED. And then someone knocks on the door.

and then I woke up
and I was like O.O WTF BRAIN

So that is my story.
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Time to update? You bet!

I don't really remember what I updated about last time. hmm.

I did end up signing up for [ profile] yuletide, and I'm happy about what I get to write. :D Chances are I'll be cursing myself for this later, but for now it's all sunshine and roses. hahaha.
(If you're my [ profile] yuletide santa and you read this: pretty much everything makes me happy. Het, slash, gen... whatever. Hardcore or G rated... I am seriously easy to please. But if you're writing AB:VH, plz do not be making Edward gay? kthx.)

Umm. I had a really awesome Halloween night, and a really horrible few days at work. (The work load tonight was ridiculously large, and most definitely transferred over into tomorrow, and possibly also Monday morning, which blows so hard I don't even have the words.) I am, however, looking seriously into getting a second job. We'll see.

I finished my take home test for Western Civilization (thank god) which consisted of ten short essays and three longer ones. wtf, why did I put it off? And speaking of putting things off... I still have to do my paper, which is also due tomorrow. o.O wtf.

Some pictures of our Halloween stuff: here )

woot. ::runs off::

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