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[ profile] theemdash: Let's be honest, I wouldn't kill McKay while he was fingering me that hard.

I don't think anything else needs to be said about tonight. :)
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Can I just say that I am sick of posting every single day? Which doesn't exactly bode well. But whatever.

Apparently, [ profile] barbed_whispers is gay. The newest reasoning? Because she wants a pink Christmas tree.
Really, I think that speaks for itself.

For those of you that have read it: I think I'm going to start readin Alanna, either tonight or tomorrow. I'm sort of excited? We'll see.
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HOKAY I almost forgot to update today, y'all. THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN BAD! I would have had to have cried. Or something.

BUT I AM AT [ profile] theemdash'S RIGHT NOW! (Macs are weird. I don't like it. Whatever, Mac people, I like my PC, thanks.) She and [ profile] imthelobster and I have been watching FMA. >.> Watching [ profile] theemdash spaz out over it as much as she does has been VERY ENTERTAINING.

She even spazzed about touching the first box set. I'm serious. I believe she mentioned something about getting naked and rolling around with the discs. I don't know, but I figure what she does in her private life isn't really any of my business, so if that's what she likes to do, then so be it.

And in case it is in question, I am highly enjoying FMA thus far. Weee!

In other news, we also played Halo 3 before Nick had to leave for work. Who knew that we could make an even crazier version of Crazy King?! But we did. EXCELLENT.

And now I have not failed in NaBloPoMo. :)
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"Don't objectify me."
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I have been having too much fun reading [ profile] bad_rpers_suck the past couple of days. Oh, rp drama nonsense. heh.
(Though sometimes I miss rping in an actual, active, large game. Go figure.)

Work was sort of insane today. Day before Halloween nonsense and everyone wanting candy or whatever.

Dear People:

If you do not have your costume yet, pls to not be going to Target. We have nothing left. You are screwed.


HOWEVER, one of the funniest things ever happened at work today.
So, I was standing up at the desk waiting to clock back in from lunch, and N is directing this guy into the breakroom to wait for someone to come and do his interview. So he starts to walk in that direction, N turns away for a minute, and then goes "Wow, that guy was really cute" -- only to realize two seconds later that he had walked BACK out to ask a question.
WE ALL DIED LAUGHING. Oh, it was great. She was just like... "Right, I'm going to go hide for a million years" hahaha. Oh, timing. ::dies::

pee ess: music coming up soon, it's currently uploading. :)
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While watching Supernatural:

Lisa: Does Sam have a Chocolate?! ::rewinds:: He does! Sam has a chocolate! hahahaha he is SUCH A WOMAN! My mom has one of those! Sam Winchester: about as cool as my mom.
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This is very important.

[ profile] imthelobster: and yes, I'm on crack. CRACKITY CRACK. Ashley crack. Ashley = my personal crack, and without Ashley I am NOOOOOTHING.
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Okay. Whatever [ profile] theemdash would like for you to believe? The following is a completely true and accurate representation of what went on last night.

Last night, she was attempting to describe to me a certain cliche within the SG-1 fandom. In doing so, she started using... hand gestures. And then, you guys, she got this look on her face. And in describing Jack and Daniel getting it on, she started clapping, got this funny little grin on her face... and her tongue came slightly out of her mouth. Oh. My. God. I can't even... words do not properly describe at all the level of fangirl that she reached, or how damn funny it was. It was pretty much the best thing I have seen in... probably ever. I died laughing.

Also, if ever you think that you have reached true levels of obsession, never let it be forgotten that [ profile] theemdash used to literally quiz herself on the names and order of Buffy episodes. There are no words.

I love you, [ profile] theemdash! :D
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So I have several things to post about, but this is clearly the most important.

Okay, at work there's all kinds of different types of pulls that have to be worked to the floor... I won't go into what all of them are, but there's MPG pulls, which are basically for aisles that are in transition, where everything is flexed around and there can't be any holes, and that's part of the job of the team I'm on. So the backroom puts clips on all the pulls, to distinguish them from each other... and I don't like to forget and leave the clips on the tub, so I have this habit of clipping them to the hem of my shirt so I remember to put them away.

Today, I forgot to take an MPG clip off of my shirt, and Rosanne decided to make fun of me.

Rosanne: So you're MPG now, huh?
Me: That's right. You can flex me anywhere.
Rosanne: . . . ::dies laughing::
Me: ::thinks about it for a second, realizes what I said:: ...oh, shit.
Rosanne: ::just keeps laughing::

Yeah, it was pretty good.
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Okay, so I should be in bed, but I have to share this.

Hakkai's power? Comes from beans.
Beans, beans, the magical fruit...

in other news, I ♥ [ profile] theemdash and much fun was had today, as well as much, much watching of things. Also some making fun of doujin, which was amusing, and some drooling over Saiyuki artbooks.

All in all an excellent day. :D
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[ profile] getaway_machine (12:45:13 PM): me? I'll be dying
[ profile] elleren (12:45:28 PM): no no
[ profile] elleren (12:45:33 PM): that's not allowed
[ profile] getaway_machine (12:45:48 PM): hahaha
[ profile] getaway_machine (12:45:54 PM): see, this is why I like you more than Amy
[ profile] getaway_machine (12:45:59 PM): she would probably just laugh at me
[ profile] elleren (12:46:23 PM): see that's cause she is mean from her mothers side
[ profile] getaway_machine (12:46:28 PM): HAHA
[ profile] getaway_machine (12:46:30 PM): I'll be nice
[ profile] getaway_machine (12:46:32 PM): and believe that
[ profile] getaway_machine (12:46:39 PM): even though I'm sure you can be mean, too.
[ profile] elleren (12:47:01 PM): not me - I'm as nice as the day is long
[ profile] getaway_machine (12:47:19 PM): I should put that on lj. and see how many people laugh.
[ profile] getaway_machine (12:47:22 PM): it would be interesting
[ profile] elleren (12:47:46 PM): about which of us?
[ profile] getaway_machine (12:47:50 PM): BOTH.
[ profile] getaway_machine (12:47:50 PM): hahaha
[ profile] getaway_machine (12:47:57 PM): evil, evil family that you are
[ profile] elleren (12:49:03 PM): ROFLMAO
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I ♥ [ profile] butterflyvision FOREVER for showing me this:
omg seriously I have not stopped giggling for like five minutes. so awesome.
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Time to update? You bet!

I don't really remember what I updated about last time. hmm.

I did end up signing up for [ profile] yuletide, and I'm happy about what I get to write. :D Chances are I'll be cursing myself for this later, but for now it's all sunshine and roses. hahaha.
(If you're my [ profile] yuletide santa and you read this: pretty much everything makes me happy. Het, slash, gen... whatever. Hardcore or G rated... I am seriously easy to please. But if you're writing AB:VH, plz do not be making Edward gay? kthx.)

Umm. I had a really awesome Halloween night, and a really horrible few days at work. (The work load tonight was ridiculously large, and most definitely transferred over into tomorrow, and possibly also Monday morning, which blows so hard I don't even have the words.) I am, however, looking seriously into getting a second job. We'll see.

I finished my take home test for Western Civilization (thank god) which consisted of ten short essays and three longer ones. wtf, why did I put it off? And speaking of putting things off... I still have to do my paper, which is also due tomorrow. o.O wtf.

Some pictures of our Halloween stuff: here )

woot. ::runs off::
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me: do you like prime numbers?
Smarch: hahaha
me: or, like... factoring
or whatever?
that was the best question ever
me: hahahhahaha
no, I'm serious!
:: dies::
I might ask you for help later, if you're willing
:: dies::
i'm dying of giggles

so, yes, amusement before class. :)
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One and two.
(Especially that second one. hahahaha)

And in another note, because it's awesome:

Check this one out, too.

As if everyone didn't already know? I occassionally love [ profile] barbed_whispers to itty bitty pieces... when I'm not busy hating her. :)
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Apparently, [ profile] sky_was_green doesn't pee in a bathroom.
Where she DOES pee remains a mystery!

I thought the public should be informed.
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and now for something completely different...
...because I could use the amusement...

* Lawyer: "When he went, had you gone and had she, if she wanted to and were able, for the time being excluding all the restraints on her not to go, gone also, would he have brought you, meaning you and she, with him to the station?"
* Other Lawyer: "Objection. That question should be taken out and shot."

NOW, imagine that the first lawyer is me, and the other lawyer is [ profile] barbed_whispers... that's like her doing a beta for my fic!

hahahahhahahaa. GO COMMAS, GO.
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So guess what guys.

I have chosen my Halloween costume. Yep!

Look at my icon!



Will I not have the most awesome costume EVAH?! OH YEAH. THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT!

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[ profile] getaway_machine (10:34:27 PM): mmmm, SNAPPLE APPLE
[ profile] barbed_whispers (10:34:35 PM): snapple apple kind of frightens me
[ profile] getaway_machine (10:34:42 PM): haha you're a freak
[ profile] barbed_whispers (10:35:18 PM): it tastes too much like an apple! in fact, the only difference between the two is that snapple apple goes "glug" and not "crunch!"
[ profile] getaway_machine (10:35:31 PM): hahahahhahahahahhaa
[ profile] barbed_whispers (10:35:37 PM): i wonder if it would be good with a peanut butter sammich.
[ profile] barbed_whispers (10:35:41 PM): HMMMMMM.
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[ profile] barbed_whispers (10:26:24 PM): your penis and my laugh could join forces and TAKE OVER THE WORLD
[ profile] getaway_machine (10:26:29 PM): HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!!
[ profile] barbed_whispers (10:26:48 PM): oh god, what if your penis HAD AN EVIL LAUGH?????

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