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[ profile] elleren was here visiting the past few days, and we did a lot of fun stuff!

On Sunday we 'celebrated' Easter by going to Epcot. It's been a long time since I've actually done Epcot, and it was a blast. We made our way around the world, doing all the shops and most of the rides/shows as we went. We ate in France, and had nummy foods. Also, it's the Flower and Garden Festival right now, which I didn't realize until we got there, and seeing all the topiary things was cool, too. We did a couple of the rides in the front of the park, too, but mostly just focused on the World Showcase. For a theme park, it was a pretty chill/relaxing day.

Monday we spent in Hogsmeade! :D :D
Okay, not the whole time, though. We did pretty much the whole Islands of Adventure park, but we started in Hogsmeade, where we discovered the incredible joy of single rider lines. Seriously. Our wait for the Forbidden Journey? 5 minutes. All in walk time. It was amazing. We also lucked out on that one and all three managed to be in the same car/flyer/whatever, despite having gone through the single rider line. The ride was amazing, of course, even if I do have to keep my eyes covered through the entirety of the forest. I did see the whomping willow this time, though! Last time I rode it I wasn't sure when it was safe, so I missed the whomping willow entirely, haha.
We also did the roller coaster, whatever it's called... dueling dragons, heh. That one had a really short line anyway. We skipped the Hippogryph ride, cause eh, and Ollivander's had a crazy line (surprise, surprise) so we skipped that, too. We did have lunch at Three Broomsticks, though :D Man, Hodsmeade puts me in such a happy place.

After spending a good amount of time in there we moved on to the rest of the park. We did the Jurassic Park water ride... the last time I was on that ride was on a field trip with school before the park was officially open, and it broke down when my boat was on the steep hill and we sat there for 20 minutes. It was much more enjoyable without that delay! It started to rain after that, and there was apparently lightning in a five mile radius, cause most of the rides shut down for a while. we headed over to Spiderman, which ended up being our longest wait at just about 20 minutes. I love the single rider line!

The rides were open again after that, so we went back and hit up the barges (which really should have been first, probably... [ profile] imthelobster was not pleased about our wet butts in his car) then did the Hulk, both of which we basically just walked onto.
We did head back over to Harry Potter to hit up Honeydukes and buy some candy, and then that was about it for our day.

Tuesday [ profile] imthelobster had to work, unfortunately. [ profile] elleren and I made the best of it, though, and headed out to Cocoa Beach. It was a great beach day, and we had a really nice time, but he refused to wear sunscreen and so burnt pretty bad. I did wear sunscreen, but apparently I didn't apply it very well, as I am now burnt in patches. You can laugh... it's pretty funny looking. Thankfully normal clothes cover it up, though, so I don't look ridiculous if I want to go anywhere.

That was about it for [ profile] elleren's trip. He left ridiculously early yesterday morning.

On a different front, I think I didn't post it here, but I have been unemployed for the last month or so and have been on the job hunt. I did get something, had my second day of training yesterday, but it's only for a very part time position, which sucks for multiple reasons. I'm working in the office of Bubba Gump's Shrimp Company, a restaurant out at City Walk, and the job would be perfect for me, if it was full time. Unfortunately there's not a chance of that, so I'm trying to find something else to go along with it now, too. But training is going well, and I like the job, so yay for that!

Also, it means I will be out at City Walk every weekend, so if anyone is ever going to hit up the parks, let me know and I can meet you! The latest I'll ever work is 3pm, so I would have a good amount of time out there if you're ever interested. :)
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So, I volunteered for a late shift at work for the next month (4pm-1230am) for a call center they were setting up to help with insurance questions for people in Japan. I was kind of excited by this, and my team manager was all thrilled too cause it's a 'great opportunity' and all this jazz. It started yesterday, and we took exactly 0 calls. So, today they called me as I'm getting ready to leave, and tell me that they still haven't had a single call, so my hours are being cut for today. Fantastic. This is what I get for volunteering for a trial thing, I guess.

Tomorrow they're letting me work my normal shift, at least, so I won't lose two days, but it's not much comfort to be honest. I've lost a lot of work in the past couple weeks because I got sick. It's just aggravating.

In other news, [ profile] imthelobster and I watched Tangled today. I really liked it... actually, I was surprised at how much I liked it. Oh, Disney, when you do it right, you really do it right... too bad they don't do it right as often as they used to.
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I am very proud of myself. Really. You have no idea.

In other news:

Tomorrow right after work I leave for Expedition: PINS which'll be all night Friday and all day Saturday.
Sunday is OMG SG-1 DAY!!! XD
Monday I leave for SC.
Tuesday is the actual Hanson concert nvdsnvklsvkl
Wednesday is driving back home.
Thursday is PASSING OUT and sleeping for as long as possible.

And at SOME POINT I have to find time to watch the new Avatar episodes (nvdjnvklsnvsdnklbnsdjnvbsdklmnklnkl!!!)

In other words. . . don't expect to hear from me for a bit. heh.
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Jordy deserved her own entry. :) Happy birthday again, sweetheart!

But I did actually have other things to post about, too...

MegaCon was fun! Showed up early, did the dealers room, met Vic and got an autograph... it was good times, for me. I'm sorry to everyone who didn't have a good time, though. :(

I didn't get anything super exciting from there... got the Tsubasa artbook, though, which is cool, and a couple other things. Still, good times... haha.

But now, more importantly... I have finished season 1 of SG-1! I feel like this is an accomplishment. I made it through the first season, and I enjoyed it, which means the rest of the seasons should hopefully go even quicker. Only 9 more to go before Dragon*Con! ::facepalm:: (Let's not even talk about SGA, okay? Okay!)

I need icons... ::flails around::

In more exciting news, I went to Magic Kingdom last night! ♥. But while Magic Kingdom was fun and all, the real good thing about last night was going to the Contemporary... and finding a pin that was supposedly sold out forever ago. Score! I am very happy about this, since it's one I've been wanting... :D :D

ALSO. Happy Anniversary BtVS!

And I think that's it from me. :)
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Saw Enchanted tonight with [ profile] imthelobster and [ profile] barbed_whispers.

[ profile] barbed_whispers cried near the end. I think she was quite moved by the movie.
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Went to Very Merry last night at the Magic Kingdom! :D It was awesome, of course. [ profile] barbed_whispers had never been to Magic Kingdom before, either, so that was pretty fun.

We kept breaking the rides, though, apparently. As we got in line for Haunted Mansion the first time it broke down and they shut it down entirely for a while -- took everyone out of line and everything. And then on Small World we got briefly stuck -- and, oh god, I don't think there's a worse ride to get stuck on in Disney. I hate that ride so much, but [ profile] fluffymaru insists that it's a must for people who have never been to Disney before. (I think she's out of her mind, but whatever.)

And then when we went back to Haunted Mansion and actually got on it, it stopped partway through the ride for a few minutes -- in the graveyard. That was okay, though, because [ profile] barbed_whispers and I had a dance party to keep the ghosts away, hahaha. Also, I'm pretty sure she was drunk. And I really hope that there were security cameras on us, because if there were and anyone was watching us they were probably making fun of us so bad, heh.

A couple other things to note:
I haven't gotten as wet as I did last night on Splash Mountain in years, I don't think. Seriously. Soaked.
I am relatively certain that Space Mountain is hurting more as I get older, but I still love it a lot.
And Peter Pan's Flight still fills me with a lot of childhood squee and happiness, and I know I shouldn't love that ride nearly as much as I do, because it's kind of boring if you think about it, but oh man I love it so hard.

Also, the free hot cocoa they were giving out was really good.

Aaaand, that's it from me!
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So, Wizard Rock was awesome. Also, one of the guys (the bass player, I believe) was so ridiculously cute. And that makes me feel like a perv, because I'm pretty sure he was like 16 or something. ::dies:: (Alas, I can't find a picture of him. Boooo!)

But it was definitely fun. Especially messing with [ profile] theemdash all night. hehehe. What? I'm totally nice to my friends.
That, and the other best part was standing in the back with Lisa and writing Sirius/Whomping Willow fic in our brains. It totally works, you guys.

Anyway, total geeky fun, I enjoyed the hell out of it.

In other news, today is my only day off of work this week and thank god it is. I totally need it. So hopefully when I go back tomorrow I won't be wanting to kill people or anything. It's just so busy in there, because of Back to School, and that seems to equal everyone being even more moronic than usual. I didn't know that was even possible. Well, I guess I did, but I didn't want to believe it. D:

Pin event soon. I'm getting excited. :D :D
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I got my raise today at work, FINALLY. And they're retro-ing me the last three weeks. You know. Since the time I was supposed to have it.
(It still really, really pisses me off that they apparently just completely forgot to score me altogether. ESPECIALLY SINCE THE HR WAS MY LONGEST-RUNNING DIRECT ETL LAST YEAR, WHICH MEANS SHE WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT. Seriously, wtf is that shit? What's especially annoying is that I could really use that extra money from the raise this week, but I have to wait for my next check. wtfever. At least it's done.)

Also, I have an interview at Disney next Wednesday. I am kind of excited! Here's hoping I can work something out with my current schedule and all that. ::shrugs:: If not, then I'm happy with myself just for looking into it.
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I got a call from Clay today. You know, I really love him. And the fact that I still get random phone calls from him, even though we haven't talked in a long time... and the fact that it's just the same as though we talked yesterday. Yeah.

Randomly, I am missing the last nine books of the Animorphs series, and suddenly this depresses me. I WANT TO OWN THEM, WTF. ::sad:: ::uses an Animorphs icon just because::
So, if anyone owns 46-54, and wants to get rid of them? ...I could help you out with that. heh.

Had fun at the pin trading event yesterday! Woooo. ♥ Disney.

ummmm. hmm. I guess that's pretty much it for now.
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I am so tired right now, but I have had an awesome weekend. :) yay!

I think I'm really going to like Disney. It's exciting news. yay again!

And I think I'm done. Nap time.

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