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Life is a strange combination of crazy and monotonous. I mostly just work and go home and work again, with a little bit of sleep thrown in (though I've been sleeping like crap).

But things I have recently discovered I enjoy:

* Hockey! This is very strange for me, and yet there it is. THEY ARE ALL JUST TOO ADORABLE OKAY. And it's nice to just stream the games onto my computer and ignore the world while it's on, so. My work is partners with the Orlando Solar Bears team, and [ profile] imthelobster and I are getting free tickets into a game this coming Tuesday, which should be fun. I'm expecting the seats to be crappy, but whatever, we're getting free food too :D

* Knitting! This is less surprising. What is surprising is that I have finished several things and am still working on it, though. On Superbowl Sunday there was a big sale at one of the local specialty yarn shops, and [ profile] lonelyarcher and I went and spent way too much saved a lot of money! I got an interchangeable circular needle set that I AM IN LOVE WITH, along with way too much yarn. I'm on Ravelry, if anyone cares about that sort of thing.

* Doctor Who! Which doesn't even surprise me, let's be honest. I always knew I'd love it, if I could just get around to watching it. I'm near the beginning of Martha's run now, and we've been circulating between mainlining that, re-watching all of SG-1, and trying to keep up with currently running shows as well. We watch a lot of tv...

In any case, I always say I'm going to try and keep up with LJ again, and I never do... but I still read my friends list! It's just hard when hardly anyone else updates anymore, too. We shall see!


Aug. 18th, 2012 10:51 am
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James asked me to marry him last night!

Honestly it was such a huge surprise -- I mean, we've talked about getting married before, of course, but I didn't know that he had gotten a ring and all that jazz. I have no idea how he managed to keep it from me, but I was so shocked, and it was the best kind of shock ever!

The ring he picked for me is gorgeous, too; in his words, 'he dun good'. xD

Now I get to go on a frenzy of saving pictures and ideas and things, even though we have no date or anything like that planned out xD
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So [ profile] imthelobster and I went to visit [ profile] hope_guides_me over the weekend, which was so much fun. We just hung around and played games and chilled. Someone else actually wanted to play Monopoly! That never happens. Mostly, though, it was just awesome to finally meet Crystal. ♥ Her kids, by the way? The most freaking polite, well-behaved, and sweet boys ever. I still don't want kids, but if I did, I would want kids like hers!

Now it's back to the real world... James and I are planning on trying to sell our place in the very, very near future, so the plan is to do as much work as possible in the next week or two in order to be able to actually list it and show it and such. I'm really hopeful that we'll be able to sell quickly, but we'll see how it goes. It would be so nice to be out of this place, though... I'm sick of owning.

Today, though, the plan is to get myself ready for an interview tomorrow... I've lost two, almost three, pant sizes since the last time I bought something appropriate for interviewing in. This is both good and bad: I'm thrilled with my weight loss, but damn if I don't hate clothes shopping! But [ profile] fluffymaru is gonna come with me to the mall (I have a gift card to Sears, so may was well use it for this) so we should be able to have a good time despite the clothes shopping bit :)
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So, I made that blog that I was talking about making in my last post. After some discussion with [ profile] imthelobster, I didn't actually buy a domain, but am just hosting it on Wordpress for the moment. If I actually keep up with it, I'll get the domain later (I did settle on a name I would want for it, anyway) and just figure out how to integrate Wordpress into it, which should be loads of fun! Anyway, it's here if you're interested.

idk, but to be honest even if no one reads it ever, I think it's good for me. It's a small step, but it's a step towards feeling creative again. I haven't felt that way in a long time, and I miss it.

Which, on that note, I actually wrote something the other morning. Fictional something, I mean. It's short, incomplete, probably wildly stupid, and full of ashley-and-lisa-have-brains-on-crack, BUT none of that is the point. The point is that I wrote something, and it felt good. I might even continue to work on it, even if [ profile] barbed_whispers is the only one who would find it interesting hahaha.

I've been taking a step back from playing WoW for the last week, two weeks, or so. I'm not quitting the game entirely by any means, but just separating myself from it a little bit. I'll be honest, it mostly started because of [ profile] imthelobster, but it has been really good for me, I think. I've been feeling a lot better about life in general for the last couple weeks. To be clear, I don't think that WoW was causing my depression, but I do believe now that it was enabling it to some extent. I've changed a few other things, too, so it's not the only fix, but it's been one of them, and yeah, it's been good. I feel a bit more a part of the world than I have in a while, which is strange, but nice.

Work has been better, too. I can't decide if it's better because I've been more relaxed and happy, or if I'm more relaxed and happy partly because it's better. I guess it doesn't really matter which one, because the point is, both things are true! I still hate the hours, a lot, but at least I'm not hating the job itself nearly as much, which is a huge step up, so I'll take it.

On a final note: one other change that has been happening is the way that I eat (again, mostly facilitated by [ profile] imthelobster). It's not a diet, really, just a watching portions / type of food you eat, kind of a thing. I'm still eating the things I like, just being a bit smarter about it. I still have a long way to go in that regard, since I tend to have very little willpower when it comes to food (or most anything, if I'm being honest), BUT small steps. And I have lost about 5 pounds or so, so yay for that!
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So, [ profile] barbed_whispers just screamed at me for updating my LJ with not a real update, so I guess I'll do a real one.

Life has been pretty crazy for me. For those of you who don't know, I got fired in December, right before Christmas. I have never been fired before, and it felt pretty shitty, even though I know the company was full of assholes and shady practices and whatnot. I don't even want to get into all that here, cause it's long and convoluted and honestly I'm done being bitter about them and whatever, but it's enough to say that it's better for me to be away from them anyway, what with the lawsuits that are headed their way, but still, you know? No one likes being fired... especially right before Christmas, which was just special.

Despite that, [ profile] imthelobster and I went on the vacation we had planned to Vermont, to be with his family for Christmas. It was unseasonably warm up there, which meant not as much snow as I would have hoped for, but it's still gorgeous there. Seriously, everything is just so pretty that it's ridiculous. Also, I want to move away from Orlando so bad, have I mentioned that recently? Anyway, the trip was lovely all around. His family is pretty much awesome. I've met his parents before of course, but it was my first time meeting his extended family, and it was a lot of fun... they're all so welcoming and such too. Basically: his family rocks.

So I was able to find a job relatively quickly after we got back home; I just started last week. It's not ideal, because it's only about 30-32 hours a week, and it's a crazy shift (3am-9am, M-F) BUT it's a job, and I'll take what I can get right now. I'm working at UPS through a temp. agency, but it's a one year contract. It's at one of their factory places or whatever, and basically 3 hours or so of my shift is spent monitoring the machines/people as packages get unloaded from the trucks, looking for different percentages and making sure things work properly etc., and the other 3 hours or so is for doing paperwork relating to that. Honestly, the paperwork doesn't take me 3 hours even now, and I've only done it for 4 days, so that part is stupid easy. I've already been told to bring a book with me to work, hahaha. It's a very easy job in general, but a little difficult physically, what with all the running around, and my knees are just not very good. Hopefully that won't be a problem in the long run though. It will never be a job that I love, but I think I can do it, and do it well, and that's enough for right now.

In other things, I've been reading the Beka Cooper books by Tamora Pierce. SHOCKING REVELATION: I love them. Beka is no Kel, of course, and she's no Alanna either, but the books are super entertaining, and Beka is kickass, and it's awesome to get a look back at Tortall how is was in the past. So much the same, and yet so much different. Tamora Pierce does it wonderfully. I really should read her other world stuff too at some point. When I finish the third Beka book, though, it's on to my re-read of Hunger Games.

SPEAKING OF, I am ridiculously excited for the Hunger Games movie. I hope it's as good as it should be, and as good as it looks like it's going to be, because oh man. I might just flip out from excitement.

Uh, what else. I'm watching lots of TV and such, but I don't have much to say about most of it, cause I get my flails out either with [ profile] imthelobster, my mom, or by just scrolling through a ridiculous amount of pages on tumblr.

I've been wanting to get back into the habit of taking a lot of pictures / photography in general, mostly because [ profile] imthelobster has this awesome camera and takes gorgeous shots with it, but I've been lazy (story of my life) and haven't actually done anything about it.

Oh, but speaking of his camera and stuff, I don't remember if he posted his Hogwarts posters on LJ or not, but if you haven't seen them, go poke him a lot, because they are freaking beautiful, and I totally want them printed and hanging on my wall, for serious. ♥ ♥

Okay I think I'm done for now.
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Other than [ profile] barbed_whispers hacking my journal, it's been more than a month since I posted... though I guess that isn't overly unusual for me anymore. So let's do a check up on my life, I know you're all SO interested!

1) Work
The new job is going pretty well. I'm slowly securing my place there more and more, and everyone seems to like me and the work I do. The office itself is still in transition, however, and there's a lot of turnover at the moment, which is nerve-wracking. However, I figure I'll just do the best I can and go from there, since that's about all I have to offer.

We negotiated a salary for myself, which was strange for me as I've never done that before. But it was nice, too, because I was able to get in the range I wanted, and go there 5 days a week and leave Bubba Gump. That was a little sad for me, partly because I honestly loved that job, and partly because of the awesome discount on Universal merchandise, but it was the best decision for me (and my sanity) overall, so I'm pleased with that.

2) Fun Things
Speaking of that awesome Universal discount, I totally went into IOA my second-to-last day at Bubba Gump, and spent way too much money on Harry Potter merch. >.> But I got a hoodie that I love, a shirt for [ profile] imthelobster, and a couple keychains and misc things. ♥

On Sunday, [ profile] imthelobster and I actually had some rare time to be able to spend together, so we ended up going out to Wekiva Springs for a few hours, which was soooo nice. I haven't been out there in ages, but it was awesome to be able to just relax in the water and spend some time together and whatnot.... even if the dragonflies WERE trying to eat our faces off!

3) TV
MERLIN IS BACK MERLIN IS BACK MERLIN IS BACK!!! omg you guys I cannot even TELL you how much I love this ridiculous show ♥ ♥ ♥

And in sillier news, I have totally and completely gotten addicted to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, which is totally [ profile] barbed_whispers fault >.> I have been marathoning it like crazy, and I REGRET NOTHING.

The only new show I've picked up this season is Ringer, which... honestly is pretty bad, but then somehow I keep watching it. Don't ask me to explain why, because idek. Other than that I'm watching Castle still, OF COURSE, along with Glee, and How I Met Your Mother. We're working on catching up with Fringe, and then Bones starts next month... we're also still doing our re-watch of SG-1, which will eventually translate into watching Atlantis and Universe. AND I still need to/want to actually start on Dr. Who.

....somehow I always end up watching more TV than I think I do o.O
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So, happy 2010 guys! I hope everyone had a good New Year. Ours was pretty quiet at home, with a sickly [ profile] imthelobster, but we did manage to stay up until midnight, so that was something.

I'm trying to decide if I want to set book and movie goals for 2010. I already have my big writing goal, but my reading has been up and down as of late, so I'd kind of like to have something to strive for. I was thinking like 50 books, but then I think maybe that's too low... opinions?


Jan. 26th, 2009 09:44 pm
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[ profile] imthelobster is evil. EVIL!

And also very, very awesome. Hee. :D
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My life, you guys.

Hokay, so, let's go over my day yesterday:

I woke up and played WoW. Dinged 79. >.> Best part of my day rofl.

Had to work from 3-6 for a coworker... mind, not getting paid overtime (which those hours were) which, uhm... sucks. Yep, that's the word I'm going for. >:|

So okay, whatever. Finished at work and went to the work Christmas party. Woo? It was okay... about what you'd expect from a work party, lol. But there was a lot of food, so that was okay. We played a gift exchange game and I left with a $10 gift card to panera (and [ profile] imthelobster got a $10 gift card to barnes & noble) so that worked. Also got a gift from the clinic... another panera gift card and a target gift card. Worth going to the party :P


Left the party and was driving home... and my tire blew out on the 408. vdbjsknvjks. I'm okay, the car is fine (other than, obviously, the tire) and I managed to get off the road and into the median without any further incident... but it freaked me RIGHT the fuck out. Yeah. I kind of panicked for a little. :/

So I call [ profile] imthelobster and have her turn around and come back to me, and discover that my AAA membership had expired... uh, oops? Call her aunt to see if she could put on my donut (lord knows I have no idea how to do it) and so she comes out, cause she's awesome, only to inform me that one of my lug nuts is broken and a bolt is stuck or... something to that extent? In any case, tire can't be taken off without tools that she does not have. EXCELLENT.

Cue having to call someone else to use his AAA membership to call a tow truck out. Thank god people are nice and come to help, huh? So we wait around for a two truck, it finally comes, gets my car on fine and drives away...

And [ profile] imthelobster's car won't start. W.T.F. Neither car still sitting there had jumper cables in the car. So we run to Wal*Mart to get freaking jumper cables, while the tow truck guy is calling bitching at me about why aren't we following and I'm wasting his money and OMG dude, I seriously did not ask the car to NOT START WTF.

Ugh, at least her car started without any real trouble, so we finally get going, get my car towed to a Meineke, and get freaking HOME to we can pass out.

Cue today... I woke up early so I could call my dad to hopefully help me out. Meineke took close to SIX. HOURS. to replace a freaking tire. Six hours! Granted they did a little bit of other work, too, but it was the tire we were waiting on. Apparently they had to order it from somewhere and have a truck bring it over. So I was late to work by about 2 hours... just a few days before christmas, which they SOOO appreciated.

I feel so ridiculous right now.
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Yeah, I definitely missed a day... oops? :/
But here we go, things that make me happy today...

1. [ profile] imthelobster, for being persistant and poking me to do things I know I should be doing anyway.

2. The intarwebs, for making things easier to do without actual human interraction, hahaha. I am teh lazy >.>

3. Clients who are super sweet and bring us front desk people candy for the holidays... even if said candy is way too good and going to make me fat, haha.
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For the record?

When [ profile] imthelobster wakes up and stretches her way right off the bed, it's pretty much the most hilarious thing ever. :)
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I just signed into aim express from work (shhh) and came to the immediate conclusion that I need to clean out my buddy list. I have people on there that I haven't talked to in years. Screennames I'm not even sure exist anymore, actually. heh.

But anyway, life is good!

I am (mostly) moved into the house with [ profile] barbed_whispers and [ profile] imthelobster, yaaaaay! I still need to unpack, and clean the apartment out, and etc yadda yadda boring, but... house! yay! AND the washer got hooked up today so I can ACTUALLY DO LAUNDRY, thank god.

PLUS PLUS PLUS. I am talking to [ profile] simplykatie right now WHO I HAVE MISSED TIMES A BAJILLION. <333 (I really should work on txting you more often... that, I could do. heh.)

Most important fact in my life at the current moment: right now, I am happy. :) (okay, so that's a sort of vague most important fact, since ACTUALLY the most important fact is WHY I am happy, but you know. Whatever works!)

Also, apparently I am bouncy and randomly hyper tonight. WHERE DID ALL THIS ENERGY COME FROM?
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HOKAY I am back! The Hanson concert was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH FUN. I seriously loved it a LOT. And I don't really care if most people on my flist will make fun of me for liking them, or for driving to South Carolina to see them, or whatever else, because the show was amazing and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Seriously.

I will be nice enough to cut all the specific details of the trip, however. )
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So... I don't know how, since she didn't even actually do anything? But somehow, taking my computer over to [ profile] imthelobster's was apparently magical, because now my sound is working properly, which it hasn't done in months. Oh, and my screen isn't flickering anymore, either.


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The plan to drink every drop of liquor in our apartment? Yeah, that didn't work so well.

The plan to get really drunk? That did... although we started a little early, but oh well. I am never, ever going back and listening to those voice posts. That could only end in badness.

Plus, now we have liquor left for our "Everyone Screw Up Your Resolutions Party!" next week. :D (This works, since [ profile] barbed_whispers and I decided that our resolution was to give up liquor. Oh, and soda. YEAH.)

Anyway, thanks to [ profile] barbed_whispers and [ profile] imthelobster for a pretty fun night, overall. :)

Also, I think I am attempting this Blog 365 thing. I made a profile here, even though it's doubtful I'll use it, since I do all my posting here and such.

Based on the top answeres in my poll, this is what I've decided:

Monday: Poll Day
Tuesday: Fun Website Day
Wednesday: Random Writing Day and/or Icon Day
Thursday: Photo Day
Friday: Free Music Day
Saturday: Comic Strip Day
Sunday: Quote Day

I cut out the random things about my day, because I think I've decided that these themes will only be for if I don't have anything to post about. So like... inspiration, or something. heh. Or whatever works. Anyway, we'll see how long it lasts.
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Saw Enchanted tonight with [ profile] imthelobster and [ profile] barbed_whispers.

[ profile] barbed_whispers cried near the end. I think she was quite moved by the movie.
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I AM GOING INSANE!!! vdjksnvjkdnjbndfk

FIRST OF ALL. [ profile] imthelobster is living in Orlando now. like. WHUT?! yeaaaaaaah.

[ profile] butterflyvision and [ profile] frelianprincess are fucking insane. And... enablers. Like... whooooa.
This is occassionally a good thing, though. :DDD

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I got my first massage ever tonight.

Ohhh... my god. You guys. Just. Awesome. It was amazing. I definitely need to be doing that again.

Other than that... I dunno! Today was a good day. :)


ncvsdjv [ profile] imthelobster is going to be living in Florida TOMORROW.
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Work was just so weird today. o.O Like... I don't even know. Weird. I spent a long time talking to Heather tonight, though, which was pretty awesome.

Dude, y'all. [ profile] imthelobster is going to be living here in like... a week. or something. o.O That just seems so weird to me. A good thing, but weird. haha.


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