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Just a few, quick things:

1) Being sick sucks. Being sick and having and having to go to work where I have to run around and sweat the whole time sucks even more, as it turns out.

2) Epass also sucks, as they are trying very hard to completely screw me over financially, and it took me an hour on the phone today to only barely keep that from happening. Ughhhhh. So glad I found a non-toll road route to work that only takes an extra 5 minutes, because seriously, so fucking sick of tolls. And money. Or, well, not having money.

3) No matter how hard I try to catch up on tv, I still always seem to be way behind.

4) Diablo 3 is freaking AWESOME!!!! I am completely in love with this game as of right now. You know, because I needed another game to lose my soul to >.>
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..riiiiight, so remind me not to let Lisa update my journal for me again, kay? Kay.


Mario Galaxy continues to eat my brain, although it pissed me off a little tonight with this stupid level that I hate. HOWEVER, there is an EARTH BENDER IN THE GAME. Dude, how much more awesome could it be?! Pretty frickin' sweet.

Also, I am caught up on Tsubasa now! Or pretty much, anyway. I haven't looked at any of the raws, but I've read all the scanlations I could find. Yeaaaah, I can't believe I let myself fall behind ::facepalm:: wtf, self. (I'll probably just end up doing it again, but whatever, SOGOODOMG!)

I am sleepy.
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So Mario Galaxy has sort of eaten my brain? I have put way too much time into this game already, I swear. o.O Despite issues with my controller at first (heh... almost made me hate the game until I realized it was a glitch, but still) it has turned out to be pretty spectacular. It reminds me a lot of Mario 64, in the way you go about doing things and all, and Mario 64 ROCKED, so this is a good thing. :D :D

Also: Aang's dreams FTW. I love Avatar, man... seriously so good!!

I might have more later. :)
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I am excited about Super Mario Galaxy. ♥ Hopefully that excitement won't be for nothing!

Work was okay today. A little slow, but not bad. I'm still enjoying it, which is good, considering I haven't been there long, hahaha. And I got a permanent schedule! Which is cool, even if the schedule isn't awesome. Maybe I'll manage to get an awesome schedule later, if I work there long enough, heh.

I have a headache, though. :( I've had one almost all day, so that kind of sucks. But whatever.

Long ass day tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it... at all.
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So, the other day, I downloaded the ending of X-2, figuring that I'll never really be able to see the secret end or whatever ... and then decided not to watch it until I had actually finished the game. Then tonight, I figured fuck it, I'll just watch it ... yeah, it's definitely in Japanese. Bastards.

I bought Juvenile Orion 2, and Angel Sanctuary today. XD
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X-2 makes me want to bash my head in. Stupid fucking game. grr.

[Also, I hate school. Or rather, the people in my school.]

Hey, Bunny? The angstathon fic is due on the 15th, right? Because ... shit. I need to type/revise that. Anyone willing to beta for me? [I don't know why I signed up for the damn thing. I hate writing fic. hatehatehate. And I think my characters are off, so anyone who offers to help will be eternally loved. It's Buffy/Giles.]

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