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I feel kind of out of it.

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Let me just say something completely cheesy and also completely true (and not as random as it seems):

I wouldn't be the same person if I hadn't been a part of the BtVS community.
I think that's pretty amazing, since it's one of only two fandoms I can say that about.

So, wow. Ten years ago, Buffy started. Strange.

I COULD go into something long and drawn-out here, but... basically? ♥. Yeah.
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omg. I got Reload 5 and Loveless 3 today. FINALLYnjdnbklf. Yes. I am happy about that, weee.

Things are kind of crazy, but not in... a bad way, really. Makes you take a step back and realize who and what is important to you, I think. Well, it kind of is for me. It's something of an eye-opener, in a lot of ways?

Here, let me vague that up for you!

Anyway, I love Supernatural. DEAN! Oh, Dean, you steal my heart away.

Also, I've never watched Smallville on any sort of regular basis before? But... vjdbgjfk Green Arrow is FUCKING HOT, kthx.

Have I announced here that the batteries on my tamagotchi died? D: D: D: This has made me so unbelievably emo. Tink was shaping up to be pretty cute, too! Stupid tamagotchi... I miss it. D:
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Okay. So for those of you who haven't heard yet through the grapevine or whatever, I won't have internet until Thursday. Next Thursday. A freakin' week from now. I am not pleased about this, to say the least, but you do what you gotta do, hey?

So I'm at the library right now. I was supposed to be registering for classes at Valencia, but Atlas is still down, the stupid thing, so I figured I would take some time to update real quick.

I've moved into my apartment! I'm happy about that, muchly. I think it looks nice, too. My mom was the best mom ever and took a half-day at work so that I wasn't alone with the movers, which I appreciated so much, since I've never done anything like that before and it was odd. And then Nicole & Casey, being the awesome friends they are, came over when I got out of my orientation and helped me unpack some of my boxes and set a few things up and just hang out and whatever.

I'm going out with my dad, stepmom and grandmother today to pick up some essentials for living... like pots. and a microwave. So I can freaking EAT, because sandwiches are going to get old fast, I am quite certain.

Orientation at Valencia went... boringly. Heh. As mentioned, though, I still haven't been able to register for classes, which is so ridiculous. Ugh. But... whatever. I'll get it done, and at least I'm not behind, because no one can register right now. Which makes me feel better.

So mostly I've just been busy with work, and setting myself up for school, and moving in, and all that jazz. I miss being online, though. :( and omg I haven't talked to [ profile] barbed_whispers in DAYS, I think I might be dying. booo. But I'll have internet again in a week! I keep telling myself that to try and make myself believe it's a short amount of time or something. It's not really working. :/

I'm sure I had more things to update about, but I'm short on time right now and just wanted to get an entry out there so you guys didn't think I'd dropped off the face of the planet or something. And sorry I wasn't really able to read my flist very well... I skimmed, but I skipped a lot. If I missed something important, comment?



HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] intotheheart!


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1. Decent day at work, shitty day with father. Yay?

2. Played SO MUCH Halo tonight. Woo! Very theraputic. Very fun. [ profile] fluffymaru is my favoritest campaign buddy EVAH. ♥

3. [ profile] barbed_whispers is discovering her love for VMars. Hee! Score one for me!

4. SO MUCH to do tomorrow. Don't really want to think about it. I need to sleep, though... which is probably okay since I am SO FREAKIN' TIRED. What's up with that, body, siriusly?

5. It's kind of funny how I have other things to update about, and yet have no interest in putting them on lj anymore. :/ Or maybe I just don't like thinking so much! Because that tends to lead to bad things... apparently. So, I'll just stop that, then.

6. I know I already posted about this... but HAPPY BIRTHDAY TORI, I ♥ you like CAH-RAZY, you know? XD
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But in other news... Nicole and Casey's cats? Ridiculously adorable. Kisa just whores herself out for attention, and Dee can't seem to choose between being needy and being pouty... I love them. :)

I feel like I haven't been updating a lot, but I don't know what to say.

Life's been weird the past little while.

I don't even think I care who wins American Idol tonight.

Work is going awesomely, which is exciting.

I'm still trying to figure out where I'm going to be living.

And... yeah.
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So, since Nicole had to go and be whiny about how my birthday wish post fonts keep getting bigger (and she's wrong, I use the same size every time...) I figured I'd do this.

[ profile] fluffymaru, YOU ROCK!!!

There. Now you can feel special. XP

Anyway. I had a great time last night, actually, despite some initial "blah" feelings and not really wanting to do anything.

I can't find my damn cord to connect my camera to my computer. ;_; As soon as I do, I'll have pictures... we got some awesome ones, and we all looked hot, if I do say so myself... (and, obviously, I do.) Anyway, much ♥ to everyone who went to PI last night, for just generally making me feel better, even if they didn't realize they were doing it.

Also, love for [ profile] barbed_whispers, who always knows what to say to make me laugh. (Didn't you know? Asking me if I have a brain always works! What a loser.)

I went out with my mom today to look for places to live and whatnot. Found a couple places I really like... looking at townhomes right now, since my dad would really like to buy. There's at least three that I liked a lot that I'm pretty sure he'd be willing to spend the money on. We'll be going out this week sometime, when he can get out of the office early, so he can look at them and make a decision. wooo. If not, then we'll look for a short-lease apartment, I think, so that we can keep looking at houses or something. So that's... pretty exciting, I guess.
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I am so tired..
I like my new job, and I'm actually even enjoying school a lot this semester, but damn if I don't feel like I haven't slept in ages...

I <3 Halo. For the .01% of you that didn't already know. I finally went and got Halo 2... Jason andI have been playing, it's awesome. I wish [ profile] faeriedeath would play, but she won't... that's okay, though. We've been playing Donkey Kong and Mario and that's pretty hot. [Because that's how we roll, biatch.]

I feel like I don't have a lot of time for a lot of things right now, and that sucks. But I don't know why, since I've been getting stuff done... everything's just busier in my life right now, I guess. Which is kind of nice, but kind of not at the same time. I don't know.
I guess I don't really have anything to say... but I'm happy right now, and I just wanted to make a post saying so, basically. So yay. :)
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So, I'm *mostly* moved in now... there's a couple more things that I need from my moms house, and one box on misc. stuff from my dads house... but nothing major, just little things that I don't need now, I just like having them near.
My room won't be completely done until I get my bed, of course... I'll have more room, and it'll look nicer, and I have one box of desk/computer stuff... my printer and desk lamp etc, that I can't unpack until I actually *have* my desk. But I have one of those foldable tables that I got for sewing that I'm using for my laptop until I actually get my bed, so that's okay. My DVDs and everything are also still packed up... but Kristi and I were talking about getting an entertainment stand for the living room, so all of us could put everything out there.... we just need to talk to Katie and Kirsti and then, y'know, get it. Or I'll leave them in my trunk, whatever ends up happening. heh.

But the house is gorgeous, and Kristi and I have been talking and getting along well, and I already know that I love Katie... I've only briefly met Kirsti, but I'm sure we'll get along fine, too. :D Looking forward to Katie and Kirsti being home tomorrow.
"Home." Eee. I'm so happy. :D

AND, I'll be seeing Serenity again tonight, which will bring my Serenity count to 4. Yay!!

I feel like I should have more to say, but I don't. Just general yay-ness. :D

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