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HOKAY, it's that time, kids. That time for me to finally share some of my Vegas photos, yeah? Yeah.

so here we go! )

And that's my Vegas trip!!
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did 6000 in the first tourmament session... got a decent shot at placing somewhere if I do decent again... XD
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Monte Carlo on fire... interesting day to be in Vegas. heh.
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have safely arrived in Vegas! Hate the flight, but hurrah for being here.
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and in better news, I leave for Vegas in the morning.
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So, despite the overwhelming leaning of the poll towards FX, I've decided to go to Las Vegas with my parents for the tournament.
I actually did call them last night to tell them that I wasn't going... and just had this gut feeling of regret as soon as I'd done it. I feel good about the decision to call and say I'd like to go after all -- and I'm very glad the invitation was still open. :) So I think this is a good sign.

In other news, it's Free Music Fridays! (>.> Don't look at me, [ profile] barbed_whispers! haha)
Anyway, I decided to upload two Ingrid Michaelson songs today, partially for the benefit of [ profile] katilara (who I apologize to, because I won't be at that concert after all, heh):

Ingrid Michaelson - Masochist
Ingrid Michaelson - Far Away

If you like her, I definitely encourage buying her CD!

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