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1. I am FINALLY a proud owner of the Serenity Special Edition DVD. omg. The DVD box is gorgeous. I liked it when I bought it, and then I actually got it home and OPENED it... seriously, I can't imagine how it could be more perfect. AND SESSION 416 IS ON DVD NOW. This makes me very happy!!! And the Serenity walk through was so much fun. eeeee! I love the cast, I love the show, I love the movie, I LOVE JOSS!!! I cannot WAIT until Saturday, which is when Lisa and I plan to watch the commentary (with Joss, Nathan, Adam, Summer, and Ron!!!) I believe. I AM SO GIDDY AND FANGIRLY AND WOOOO.

2. The connection on my Wii is working again! I had to buy an adapter to make it a wired connection instead of wireless, but whatever, it is working and I am pleased.

3. I own an external harddrive! I've sort of been wanting one for a while, but I've just never gotten one, but I got a really good deal on a 500GB one at Best Buy tonight. woo! Best Buy for the WIN tonight, guys.


5. I have had a good day. :)
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So, last night was something of an adventure. heh.
Kristin and I decided to hang out after work... after dropping by [ profile] fluffymaru's to pick up CAFE KICHIJOJI WEEEEE! :D:D
Anyway, so we were going to Kristin's place so she could pick some stuff up from her place, and she stopped to get some gas... and locked her keys in the car. ::facepalm:: So I called AAA, and they said they'd send someone out... at 1:15am, there was still no one there, and we'd been waiting for over an hour, I called them again... someone finally showed up, but they didn't even call to send anyone until after I'd called the second time. >.< So that was pretty annoying, but we just sat around talking and we made it into a good time anyway, so I guess it's okay.
Came back to my place and talked, fell asleep, woo. haha.

Okay, so that wasn't so interesting. Oh well.
Saw Goblet of Fire again with Kristin today, though. I still like that movie a lot, I don't care what [ profile] barbed_whispers says.



okay. Done grinning now. Maybe. :D haha.
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So, I'm *mostly* moved in now... there's a couple more things that I need from my moms house, and one box on misc. stuff from my dads house... but nothing major, just little things that I don't need now, I just like having them near.
My room won't be completely done until I get my bed, of course... I'll have more room, and it'll look nicer, and I have one box of desk/computer stuff... my printer and desk lamp etc, that I can't unpack until I actually *have* my desk. But I have one of those foldable tables that I got for sewing that I'm using for my laptop until I actually get my bed, so that's okay. My DVDs and everything are also still packed up... but Kristi and I were talking about getting an entertainment stand for the living room, so all of us could put everything out there.... we just need to talk to Katie and Kirsti and then, y'know, get it. Or I'll leave them in my trunk, whatever ends up happening. heh.

But the house is gorgeous, and Kristi and I have been talking and getting along well, and I already know that I love Katie... I've only briefly met Kirsti, but I'm sure we'll get along fine, too. :D Looking forward to Katie and Kirsti being home tomorrow.
"Home." Eee. I'm so happy. :D

AND, I'll be seeing Serenity again tonight, which will bring my Serenity count to 4. Yay!!

I feel like I should have more to say, but I don't. Just general yay-ness. :D
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more stuff about Serenity.

Dude. This movie will not be out until 2005. I seriously need to calm down, because every time I see anything about it, my first response is always: EEEEE!!!!!!

But yeah. Yay River!

[No spoilers in the article. I don't even know if you can get spoilers yet, but I am determined to stay spoiler free for the movie. So if anyone spoils me, I will hunt you down and kill you in a particulary brutal fashion. Just so you're warned.]

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