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So, does anyone else on my flist watch Bones? Other than [ profile] imthelobster, clearly. I just finally saw the end of season 3, and.... OMGWTFWTFWTFWTF. I am still not okay, grrrr.

In case anyone wants to avoid spoilers about Bones )

In other TV news:
* I doubt I'll be going back to Gossip Girl, but we'll see, since it is Crack.
* I can't decide what I think of Vampire Diaries. It's not lulzy like I expected. It's not really good, but it's not really bad, and it's not like the book. So I don't know what keeps me watching.
* I'm an episode behind on Project Runway. I care, but I'm also bored. Bored, bored bored... I wish this season would spice up a little. I mean, I'll definitely catch up and finish the season, but still.
* I am behind on Supernatural, too. It's like a theme, huh? BUT I DON'T MEAN TO BE WITH THIS ONE. I don't even know, the show is SO GOOD. bjsdbjvsblvbsjvb ♥ the Winchesters.
* And SYTYCD! ...not that I have anything to really say about that right now, but since I'm going through the list of shows I'm watching... I have high hopes for this season to be better than last, though.
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I should probably take the time between my two shifts to post for today, heh.

I think I actually feel like posting today, too, which, whoa...

so let's cut this bitch. )

OH PEE ESS: COVER ART FOR FEAST OF FOOLS!!! You can see it here. Mmm.
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"Don't objectify me."
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So, today begins National Blog Posting Month. Horray. :)

It begins NaNoWriMo too, of course, so GOOD LUCK to those of you on my flist participating!
I briefly considered being absolutely insane and attempting it again this year, but I think it would just be too much stress for me. And I think I'll hate myself less for not attempting than for attempting and failing. Actually, I know that's true, from experience unfortunately.

I spent all day today working with Halloween. Not fun. :( Thankfully, all of the BAD spider stuff is already gone, otherwise I wouldn't even have been able to, really. They wanted me to stay late, too, but there was no way I would have been able to get everything done no matter what, so I decided that was just a silly idea or something. I dunno.

Supernatural tonight! I'm nervous about it, though. D: It looks sufficiently creepy and DON'T WANT. But... booooooys. ::dies:: heh

I might have found a new rp to join. Something completely unrelated to anything I've done, and also completely free of anyone I know. I'm sort of nervous about it, but it's really tempting. I'm thinking about it, anyway. In some ways I really miss playing in a game atmosphere and in other ways I really don't, so I dunno.

Anyway, things are good. :)
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While watching Supernatural:

Lisa: Does Sam have a Chocolate?! ::rewinds:: He does! Sam has a chocolate! hahahaha he is SUCH A WOMAN! My mom has one of those! Sam Winchester: about as cool as my mom.
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[ profile] musesfool linked this on her journal, but if you don't have her friended and you're interested...

New Supernatural Trailer :D :D


And VMars is January 23? Anyone confirm that for me? I mostly trust where I saw it, but not COMPLETELY, so I'm trying to make sure... that's the night of Spamalot. :( And American Idol will be starting up soon, but I'll probably almost always be working for it... and for VMars, too, probably. Damn. Downloading, here I come!

I got some awesome new clothes tonight... not often I'm in a clothes shopping mood. Actually, I wasn't even REALLY in one today, but... a good deal is a good deal, and I don't think I paid more than $12 for any one single piece of clothing... and most of it was under ten. Sweeeet.

That's... pretty much it from me. I am so sleepy... I shall be passing out soon.
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omg. I got Reload 5 and Loveless 3 today. FINALLYnjdnbklf. Yes. I am happy about that, weee.

Things are kind of crazy, but not in... a bad way, really. Makes you take a step back and realize who and what is important to you, I think. Well, it kind of is for me. It's something of an eye-opener, in a lot of ways?

Here, let me vague that up for you!

Anyway, I love Supernatural. DEAN! Oh, Dean, you steal my heart away.

Also, I've never watched Smallville on any sort of regular basis before? But... vjdbgjfk Green Arrow is FUCKING HOT, kthx.

Have I announced here that the batteries on my tamagotchi died? D: D: D: This has made me so unbelievably emo. Tink was shaping up to be pretty cute, too! Stupid tamagotchi... I miss it. D:
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I am so excited about Supernatural tonight that it is kind of ridiculous. :D

ALSO. IT IS MY WEEKEND OFF OMG YAAAAY ::does happy dance::

I have more to update about, but I am leaving now, so maybe later?
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OKAY quick update.

At the public library today instead of the school one... it's not letting me on AIM Express, though, which fails. I can get on Windows Live Messenger, though, which is cool... on the whole, though, I hate the public library even more than the school library. Ugh.

Started watching Supernatural... ::facepalm:: I am hooked! I WANT MOOORE, PRECIOUS, MOOOREE.... >.>
Oh, Dean, how I love you so.
and I want icons, but I don't want to go looking for them because I don't want to spoil myself! My life is tragic, truly.

Ummm. I don't even know what to update about. My computer situation doesn't seem to be getting any better.

So I guess that's it!

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