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So as of today, I am once again unemployed. I knew this was coming...they told me two weeks ago. I have spent the last two weeks alternating between pissed off, panic, and glee at being free...right now I really just feel relieved.

I hope this is going to end up leading to something better for me.

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[ profile] imthelobster and I are heading to the beach! Since he's on vacation this week and not during our anniversary, so we're celebrating early with a couple days out at the beach.

So also, [ profile] barbed_whispers told me I should post every day in July... clearly that won't happen, since it's the fifth now, but I downloaded the LJ app with the idea that I might post more if I can do it from my phone. We shall see!

In one more piece of news, I have a job interview after we get back, on Friday. I've had a lot of them the last couple months, but maybe this one will be the one... I can only hope. Wish me luck!

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