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Well. I tried to post through txt earlier, about how I must be going insane, because I was going to go see a horror movie (and I hate horror movies) just cause the lead actor is really fucking hot.

Since that didn't go through, I will post about how I just sat through the worst movie I have EVER paid money to see. It wasn't scary at all, and I am a fucking wuss, okay? It was boring, NOTHING HAPPENED, and I think it lasted like a million hours. I'm pretty sure there was some warp in the time-space continuum, because that definitely had to be longer than an hour and a half. Really.

Also, CLEARLY, someone should have called Bobby five minutes into the movie.

So basically, [ profile] barbed_whispers isn't allowed to pick movies out for us for a while.

ETA: My bad. The movie: Shutter. Avoid at all costs. :P
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Saw Enchanted tonight with [ profile] imthelobster and [ profile] barbed_whispers.

[ profile] barbed_whispers cried near the end. I think she was quite moved by the movie.
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First of all. The Golden Compass trailer?
[ profile] barbed_whispers and I had like, a fit, when it came on the screen. omg SO EXCITED. vbsdfjkvm nvjksdfnv

Okay. The movie.

Order of the Phoenix )
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It's taken me forever to get around to finally watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. How long ago did [ profile] barbed_whispers tell me that she loved it? Like... forever ago.

omg. I loved it. I seriously ADORED this movie. Like CRAZY. It just made me so happy/sad and... bndfjkbndfkl.

I celebrate with new icons. Of course. WEEEEEE.
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So, I finally watched Speak. It was everything that [ profile] barbed_whispers said it was and... well... cut for spoilers )

I can't find my copy of the book, though. Which is just... um. Yeah. But I keep saying I want to buy that new cover... fate, I guess, because now I have a reason to. I might even go out for it today.

Just... the book is so powerful to me, and the movie is just... yeah. Really well done.

I want to watch it again with the commentary. I'll have to do that soon.

(btw, Lis, that song that plays during the credits at the end -- do you know what that is? do you have it?)
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I enjoyed Troy. So nyah, Karen, fuck off.

In other news, Katie has a new layout up, and it's the best one she's had in a while, so everyone should go check her out. <3
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So. Troy on Friday.

Anyone want to go see it with me?

[Only if you live here. Obviously. So no, Karen, you can't come.]

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